[Behind the Avatar]
*My name is Karl.
*I'm old enough.
*I love to draw!
*Naruto is my all time fav Anime.
*My hobbies are Sleeping, Eating icecream, Hanging out with my friends.
*I started to cosplay at age 11 ;D (Thanks to Cameron!) I still love cosplaying today and probably will for another 20 years, LOL.
*One color. Orange.
*I'm friendly, I don't bite much.
*6:22 am is my favorite time of the day.
*I love to play Online Games! well.. ALL GAMES.
*I prefer XBOX360.
*First ever manga book(s) readings? Beet, Tagami Bachi
*I'm a dog person.
*I LOVE stuffed animals.
*Never Give Up. It's my motto.
*October 31st, Halloween (BEST DAY EVER)
*I will tell you now, I'm inlove with Sasuke. 8D <3
*Muse, Linkin Park, System Of The Down (Coolest Bands)
*I have a phobia of balloons.

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//~The Avatar's Core~//
I will always cosplay as Naruto Uzumaki.
You can find me in Towns, Forums, Rally, Zomg or any other game.
I'm on daily, so...

Game of the Year 2013:
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Naruto's Journal

Just a bunch of random stuff put together (: kinda like a scrap book of memories &lt;3



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Report | 03/09/2014 3:55 pm


Hey there, my absolutely most magnificently dazzling knucklehead of a Dobe~

-knocks gently on your fabulous door-
(I'm complimenting doors now... xD -facepalms- )
Yo, Usuratonkatchi... how's it going?
r ur -grabs your hand and leans to kiss your cheek-
You're absolutely stunning, Hokage-Sama~ r >r What's your secret?

-hands a bouquet of cucumbers- . u. I hope you like them~!
xD But if you don't, my lovely blonde genius...
-covers your eyes and nudges a red rose into your hair-
I hope that can make up for it. <3

<u< Psst. I know how much you like ramen, so I thought I would treat you out tonight...
That is, if you'd like to join this traitor of an Uchiha...
And if you can handle a night outside in the dark with a lone candle... = 3=
(I'd like to invite you to townies... c: If you'd like to come~
1023 or the usual, you sexy Uzumaki~ Whenever you feel like it. <3)

Hmph, I love you, Naruto... -kisses deeply-
With penguins dancing on a roller coaster,
Ps. ;o ; Your profile is so damn amazing~! H-How in the hell did you make it?!

Report | 02/09/2014 6:06 am


Happy Anniversary, Dobe~ c:

Time flies so fast! -tackles-
xu x A year since I had to be in a dress... asdfgh
I-ITS YOUR TURN NEXT TIME! *^ * I call Seme!
(. w. I-I'm just kidding~ You rocked dat tux like such a badass~ <3 -fanboys-)

S-Sorry I wasn't really on yesterday, I got kind of sidetracked with trying to make something for you~
xu x It took more hours than I could even believe... B-But I hope you like it~
Silly Anniversary Doodle That Doesn't Look Like an Anniversary Doodle...
Happy Anniversary, my sexy Ramen King~ <3
You're so unbelievably gorgeous~ >w< -taps dat booty-

-kisses your hand- *o *
Aah, and I hope I can take you out somewhere tonight~ c:
I-If you're free, of course~ <3
I know that Hokage-Sama always has his paperwork. xD
-kisses your forehead-

-huggles tight- c: Thank you for the best year ever~ <3
Since meeting you, everything's been so amazing~
ou o All the crazy things... and the 117 alien babies..
-pokes with Bossu's tentacle- . u. H-He wants more children, Dobe... xD

Aah, I hope today is a wonderful day for you! c:
-nudges another snowman towards you-
You have any carrots left, Uzubabe?
N-Not to poke me with, b-but for the snowman!

I love you with all my heart~ c': Happy Anniversary, goof~ heart

P.S: ;3 ; Lemme gift you, pleaaaseeee. -kissus your nose-


Report | 01/01/2014 6:56 am


<//u//< Says you, Mr. Sexy Pantsu~
J-Just damn,,, <3

Happy New Year~! c':
xD A-And of course! May it be as crazy as ever~

-huggles and kisses back-
With tons of ice cremcrem,

Report | 12/30/2013 5:36 pm


To my Manly as hell Naru-Sama, the Hokage.

<u< Psst. Hey, Dobe~
You just don't know how fabulous you are.
My Uchiwa feels...for you, man. r///r Curse you.
A-Aah...-tackles and makes out with- =w =
I love you, you silly angel~ <3

I haven't taken you anywhere lately~
Its probably because of Steven. Dx That ******** llama... -shakes fist-
. u. B-But, gorgeous, would you like to join me somewhere?
I'm not sure whether you would like to do a mission in zomg,
or allow me to beat you up with snowballs in townies~ xD <3
(With love of course! H-Hah! -sweatdrops-)
You would probably pummel me harder with snow..
Those glorious fists! *///*

T-That is, if you would like to, my handsome Hokage-Sama~

;3 Aah, by the way, and this is pretty late, but you cosplay Eren?
Just damnit man... I bet you fit him so well too~
r u r Just don't get your arms chopped off... xD
But they'll probably grow back anyway!

-hands a cookie cutter and a flower- heart
IIAvenger SasukeII

Report | 12/25/2013 6:26 am

IIAvenger SasukeII

(- Whispers - Merry Christmas, dobe. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Ha. Ha. Suuure. I think you're getting a little too overconfident.
Shy? Adorable? You forgot about the part where I tried to kill you and all your friends.
You wanted to make me worried for Sakura's health and mentality? What could you possibly achieve from that?

ps. - Sweatdrops - Yeah, you must be burning up from all that warmth.
pps. Just keep thinking that, idiot. I'll chidori your face off.
IIAvenger SasukeII

Report | 12/23/2013 9:02 pm

IIAvenger SasukeII

- Rolls eyes and looks away dismissively - Tch, whatever, dobe.
I don't know why I did it, either. It was just on a whim.
I'm not sure how that's supposed to make me feel better about anything, in fact, it makes me just a bit worried for her.
(Sure you will, if you believe hard enough. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

ps. Thanks for the gift, and remember not to catch a cold in that outfit of yours, idiot. - Grins -
pps. Excuuuuse me. You can't touch this, but good luck trying.

Report | 12/11/2013 3:50 pm


N-Naru-lew-hoo! D: You shouldn't give me your jacket..
r >r Even if I'm the Grinch, I don't think you should go cold!
Hn, keep the jacket. <3

xD Hmph! . u . W-Well, o-okayu...
Tch..ru r You baka...

<u< I love you, Naru-Lew-hoo~ B-But don't tell anyone else! *^ *
Sasu-Grinch has to keep a reputation!

Report | 12/11/2013 3:39 pm


<u< T-The Grinch? *^ * How did you know?! -shakes-
Sasu-Grinch be all up on you, Baka!
XD B-But your jacket is sooo pefect. Its kinda hard not to..

. u. I-If you're not busy, and you don't have to~
-kissu- Love you, Baka~


Report | 12/11/2013 1:32 pm


Happy Holidays! *u *

<u< -nudges- Y'know, its that time of the year...
Where sweaters and a certain sexy orange and black jacket gets stolen~
(W-Which is totally not yours! And I haven't stolen anything! ;u ; Yet.)

If you would like, my silly, and goofily sexy Dobe, I have finally finished a Christmas house.
. u. I had tried to make it "homely" (which is so hard for me. -facepalms-)
I mean, c'mon! ;u ; Your house is always so fancy and nice~
S-So I guess, if you want, would you like to come by?

I-I have cookies, and... your jacket~ <u > -chuckles awkwardly-
<u< Hey, I love you, you nugget~ heart
-kisses gingerly on the lips-


Report | 12/05/2013 1:10 pm


asdfgfd D-Dobe! ;w ;
You must have all the gifts in the world!
*o * A-And t-thank you very muchies for the gifties.
c: They're so beautiful. <3

Jeez, I can't really count them all either. xD
Its honestly been so much fun~
Falling off my chair, jeez, and your wheels! *q *
;w ; Aww...-kisses all over-
Even if time doesn't stop, I plan to love you every second.

Nonsense! xD
You know dem grandmas would be sooo flattered
to have an Uchiha robbing them dry! xD
; o; You're such a sweetheart, g-goodness.
-huggles forever- I love you more~ ♥

Awsh, thank you, Dobe~ B-But I pretty much flailed on it.
;w ; -pokes your melted heart- B-Bet its still sweet~ xD
c: I-If you want to~ I-I don't want it ruining your sexy profile.

<//u//< Naruto.. you make my sharingan spin faster when you're around.
-inches the katana closer and stares into your eyes-

Today's been good, how about your amazical super fantastical Thursday?
(xD I-I MADE NO PROMISES! You either. *^ *)

Goofy? <u< Hah! You admit to it!
c: Love you, Karl-Kun~ heart

From your pimpin' secretly an Uke Uchiha,


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