Fun facts about me in no order:

+ I'm a busy college student.... orz
+ I'm 6'1".
+ My favorite color is yellow~
+ Some of my favorite foods are sweet potatoes, chocolate, and tuna.
+ I like writing a little poetry sometimes, mainly haikus and rhyms in iambic pentameter. (I bet you don't even know what that is.)
+ I enjoy reading and drawing during my spare time. Books are an obsession. Lately romance, mythical adventures, and such. And of course, manga!
+ I'm a Christian! I love God!
+ Tuxedo Mask was my first love. *u*
+ I enjoy roleplaying, but I completely fall off the radar once school starts. (So sorry. u.u)
+ I've been on Gaia for almost a decade as of 12/26/14.... Omg, my life.

To make it simple, here are the animes/mangas I like:
Sailor Moon
Cardcaptor Sakura
Tokyo Mew Mew
Shugo Chara!
Fruits Basket
Vampire Knight
Tales of the Abyss
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Avatar the Last Airbender (D< It might as well be anime. Best show ever.)
Legend of Korra (D< It might as well be anime.)
Fall In Love Like a Comic
Ghastly Prince Enma's Burning Up!
Mirai Nikki (This show was just... oh my gosh. Didn't see that coming! o.o )
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
From Me to You/Kimi ni Todoke
Say I Love You
Chance Pop Session

That's about it! Feel free to scroll through art and shameless plugs for things around Gaia that I participate in.

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The Kuro Gang Black Ops. Like to RP? Willing to work on the dark side of Durem?Tell them who sent you~

Also, check out my signature for Gaia Spirit Week - After Party, where the party never stops!

by rogue blood angel

My OC Sailor Senshi, Sailor Anemos, made by I_RavenPandorah_I
Link to her shop is here!

me and Amazing Q

Thanks for the Poke banner and pixels art, Paul-19!

Dr. Singh and me~
by Michalkasshadow


GSW AP: Cute Week
by Wavy Blue

7/26/10 - I am popular!! ;D Isn't this glitch awesome?


This is why I still cling onto hope for Gaia.

"Darien/Tuxedo Mask/Endymion- A pimp by any name still holds a cane."


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I Sinistro I

Report | 04/30/2014 5:18 pm

I Sinistro I

LMFAO!!! OMFG!!! XD LOL!!!! Omg you're dating a darker, taller version of me!! XD LOL!!! GRAB A PILLOW, MEW MEW! LMFAO!!!!
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/30/2014 1:11 pm

I Sinistro I

THAT'S SO CUTE!!! :'D What's he like? Is he your type?
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/29/2014 8:01 pm

I Sinistro I

I'm on Skype right now, but I'm talking to Amanda currently! XD Give me a brief summary?
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/29/2014 2:21 pm

I Sinistro I

I Sinistro I

Report | 04/28/2014 5:38 pm

I Sinistro I

[Hugs] :'3
So, other than that, how are you? What's been going on in your life?
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/26/2014 11:23 pm

I Sinistro I

Always! You know that I'm a better listener than I am at, like, wording my feelings. You know I'm always here to listen, Mew Mew! :'3
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/26/2014 4:39 pm

I Sinistro I

Man. . That's rough. . I'm sorry, Mew Mew.
Is there anything that I can do for you?
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/26/2014 3:44 pm

I Sinistro I

AWWWW!! D: Are you ok?? Like. . . Wow. I remember you were kinda close to her, Dude! Like, what happened to her? D: How long ago did this happen?
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/26/2014 12:19 pm

I Sinistro I

I've been hanging in there! How about you, Kid? I missed you guys!
I Sinistro I

Report | 04/24/2014 9:35 am

I Sinistro I

Hey, Mew Mew! [Hugs] I missed you! :'D


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