Hello everyone, this is Nanese and I will now be leaving Gaia. I don't want to delete it because I've had so many fun memories here ^^. My reason for leaving is because it's gotten boring. I'm currently using Facebook so if you want to be friend on FB, I won't mind. If you know my true full name than you'll find me no problem just let me know who you are. Thank you and thanks to all the friend who made Gaia fun for me ^^


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How have you been? I have not been here in a while!
Duchess Serenity

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Duchess Serenity

Did you go to any of the showcases????

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Hehe, I agree. All my friends are on facebook too. Although I never get a lot of messages or comments everyday ^^;
I only come on here to check if I have any messages and stuff, but not even that I get a lot of.
I did kind of want this one item on here but I'm not active enough to make enough gold to get it anyway...
Anyway, I've been doing good.
Just singing everyday and learning Korean.
Getting ready to go for the dream of being a singer in Korea.

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Hi Nanese!
It's been a long time since I've talked to you.
How are you doing?
Gaia has been pretty boring hasn't it?
razor sharp intellect

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razor sharp intellect

DON''T LEAVE!!!!!!
I won't EVEN tell you my age, but BELIEVE me, ya just gotta switch your interests around a bit. I'm glad I've stayed, and THIS time my "birthday" is a bit like 2 1/2 yrs---I'll tell ya this----I have 3 (THREE) teenagers on GAIA, my husband has 3 or 4 avis, I have 2 avis (needed a mule) My kids have maybe 12 or 13 between them. So, stay, if you can---sure gives you something to do when you are recuperating from a broken pelvis, leg, hip and ribs.....and various other things!!!!!!
No, I'm not a moderator!!
Anyway, I love your avi, it's gorgeous. I'm in the middle of a change, maybe its a midlife crisis or something.....

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I know the show is all gone here and we are preparing for another storm. It was funny to see my puppy making his own trenches through the snow. I wanted to make some snow angels, unfortunate for me; the snow was too deep User Image sweatdrop

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Awww, Thank you, Nanese. ~Hugs and kisses cheek~
Merry Christmas to you, too. heart
User Image
Geol Ah

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Geol Ah

Same to youuu.

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Aw, that does suck. D: I hated moving as a kid. >.<
I'm in Seoul; Sangam-dong to be exact... But for now I'm home for the holidays. ^^v

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OMG IT'S YOU. *glomp* heart
It's good here. Kinda cold. ;~;
Goin home for Christmas but coming back for next semester. =P
What's been up with you?


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