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Greetings stalker, you have creeped onto my page and now I will commence the information you are seeking.

My name's Kristen, I prefer going by Kristy. Nikki is also an online name I gave myself and it's stuck with me over the years, so either one is fine. You can even nick-name me to your liking, I'm cool with that. B )

December 7, 1995 is when this weird chick came into the world, so to make it easier on you, I'll just go ahead and say I'm 19.

I've been on Gaia since 2007, I believe I've only had two accounts since then, and one was hacked. Heck, even this account has been hacked like three times. I was a stupid little thing.

My favorite colors are light blue, white, and light pink. I also think black suits me.

I try my best not to swear, but I don't have the mouth of a sailor yet so we good.

I joke WHOLE lot so if you can't handle that, well uh, just let me know and I'll try not to come off so rude or anything. I'm not gonna dump you just because you can't handle me 100% just yet, it's okay, we can take it slow. <3 But really, just let me know if anything I say is offensive or uncomforts you. I can get pretty mean with joking but I never mean to make someone feel bad for it, so my deepest apologies if that ever happens.

I love anime, though I don't go to extremes as far as weeaboo and otakus do. I watch it every now and then, used to be super huge on it back in my younger days. Mostly middle and high school.

Another thing is my About Me is tremendous so the spoilers are to contain some sections of information of me to prevent it being overly large and to be totally optional of what you want to read or if you are looking for specific information about me. o/ yay she's organized..somewhat! Will add more later if I feel like it o/

More about your target

I love making new friends, and I'm a total social-butterfly online. Though, in reality it's totaaally the opposite. I'm a recluse and the most talking I do is with my family. I pretty much avoid any family gatherings, holiday events, and sometimes even hanging out with friends. That's just the way I am, really awkward too.

I'm really accepting and welcoming to everyone, even bronies and I freaking HATE MLP. Cannot stand it. I hate it, pictures, gifs, show, all of it together. emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png It's the bane of my existence. But I don't judge and I'm totally fine with anyone liking it, just don't try to force any freaky brony shiz on me alright. Furries are...tolerable but I at least don't hate that as much as MLP. //shutters Just don't even bring the subject up with me, please. Respect that and I'd appreciate that, kthanks. Because I'm not afraid to speak my opinions, even though I try not to offend anyone or be rude. I despise arguments.

I don't know why but I get called a tsundere, I guess I just come off that way? But that really depends on who's talking to me; certain people bring it out of me I guess? Mostly close friends.

I get side-tracked easily, which makes me the worst multitasker ever and I try to juggle everything at the same time all the time. Pretty sure I have an undiagnosed ADD, too.

Quickest way to reach me is Skype, even though I'm usually flooded with messages on there. I guess second would be here. If you can't get in touch with me, I'm most likely sleep. I have random sleeping schedules and they change so much since I'm an unemployed lazy person that lives off of her parents.

I can tolerate awful English and bad use of grammar, so feel free to be lazy around me, could honestly care less. Just as long as I can understand you. You send me a PM speaking gibberish or something really random, I'll just kinda question it and do it right back.

I'm attentive and seek to make people happy or feel loved. I also like to give others attention and shed light on them, because I know how it feels to feel unloved or alone.
I'm here for you, doll. ♥ //Layla Rabbit punts me but continues on because I'm epic
I'm respectful to everyone around me, if I appear rude to you, either you've triggered it or I'm TOTALLY joking. Most likely joking. Very rare if I'm mean to anyone because I mostly ignore it or I'll shed light on that subject because I find it needs correcting.

My trust is something you have to earn, which takes people years and sometimes never, very very few people I trust and it's rare I ever do. Most people I only trust with certain things, but to trust you wholey, is something to really work for.

My sexuality

I'm straight as a board but I sure am questionable to everyone around me. I even question myself, I act hecka gay. But I like dudes, okay. I just like to joke around with chicks, more in a friendly way and pick on guys. (Swear I'm not sexist.)

Is Skype an option to communicate on

I'm totally up for Skype, if I can't call that means I'm busy. I'm rather camera shy, and just awkward and quiet in calls but if you give me an interesting topic to my liking then I'll run my mouth. I don't like being rushed, so please don't spam me if I can't get back to you at that moment. I take life at my own pace. Plus I have over like 240 contacts on my Skype, even went through and deleted nearly 200. (Maybe I should just make a different account idk //orz) Just inbox me for it.

More things you can stalk me on

Smite - ShyEscapist

Steam - Shy_Escapist (♥ Kristy ♥)

Mabinogi, Alexina Server - Nikki101

Deviant Art





I stopped uploading on DevA when I was 16, had it since I was 14, I should either make a new one or do a lot of cleaning up. x'D

My hobbies

I guess my favorite hobby is roleplaying; I'm not fond with making plots, so I prefer looking for really interesting ones. I tend to lose interest quickly, my bad, it's just a thing. Or it will take me a while to respond, but you can count it being within two weeks unless we put it on hold. I don't really have any "ready" characters, I'm more comfortable with just making them up with a ready plot unless someone wants a specific character for the roleplay. Anything's really fine with me, not huge on fighting scenarios and I definitely don't like yaoi, just not for me. I don't really roleplay guys? But I can always..attempt. Which they will most likely come off stand-offish, awkward, or quiet. MAYBE EVEN GIRLY IDK, I don't even really want to try a guy tbh x'D

I tend to draw every now and then, I was huger back on it before I turned 17 then I took a hiatus on it, still kinda have. Rarely draw anymore, I'm so lazy and it seems I even worsened but any art tips would be MUCH appreciated! I typically just get on here to seek freebies or chat 'cause I'm too lazy to do it for myself and I like to see what other artists do for their styles, coloring, or easier ways of drawing the shapes or poses for the characters

Where you can find this crazy

I live in Mississippi, which is located in the United States for all you lovely foreigners who I absolutely love chatting to
...and most likely be rather living where you are. B |

My beliefs

I am a believer in God and Jesus, but I also believe there are spirits and souls in this world that are trapped in the afterlife, such as ghosts. I also don't really like religious topics because there are so many debates and various beliefs, and just so many different opinions, I also don't want to offend anyone on dwelling on such a topic, so I prefer not talking about it for those following reasons!
I also believe everyone has a choice, including to be gay, bisexual, lesbian, anything like that. I don't think it's something you are just born with.


I'm not really into dating online anymore, having had good and recently bad experiences from it, I think I'm just gonna call it quits. I've always preferred being single anyways. o/
Relationships were never such a huge deal for me really ever in my life, because (not trying to sound cocky at all) I've always had that one guy wanting to date me and I'd be interested in, give it a shot, and just decide it's better off with being friends. Seeing that's how pretty much ALL my relationships have ended up.
Something in my brain finally caught my attention and said "Hey, maybe you're just not ready or cut out with this, stop it please, you're going to be breaking hearts".
And I went "Oh, yeah you're right! Wish I realized that sooner, thanks brain."
"Anytime, bud. o/"

Here's my ranting

I don't have a high self-esteem, and I don't necessarily think great about myself either, but you will definitely not hear the words "I'm ugly" or "Look how sexy I am!" or anything along the lines of that from me. To me, that's attention-seeking and it annoys the HECK out of me when I see people, mostly other females, posting pictures of themselves (or even them nearly nude or showing off their breasts) and then the text right beside it saying "Look at me, I'm disgusting".
Seriously, if you are one of those people, don't talk to me. I deal with enough drama as it is and I don't want any of your attention-seeking crap to be apart of my life, it's annoying as anything else in the world. So are people that try to be someone they're not, just be yourself okay. Stop worrying about labels, like self-claimed gamer girls. There's not such a thing called "gamer guys" so why are girls any different. A gamer is a gamer. It's not a big deal and it seriously should not be feeding your self-esteem.
I get there are people that like attention, everyone does, some more than others or less than others, but it's a thing. I get it. Just please don't be annoying about it. People that like attention don't bother me, it's totally fine, I welcome them to be my friends too, but if you're attention whore, please, just back off.
I get everyone has different opinions about people and themselves, I honestly don't think I'm attractive either, but I'm not going to go and throw myself out there to the world and then call myself ugly right underneath it or whine about it so I can get pity or something.

My dislikes

I don't like rain, anything too spicy, bullies, too many sweets, being yelled at (unless jokingly), or arguments.

My dolikes

I LOVE snow (freaking obsessed), candy (rarely), chips (sour cream is bae), cream soda (favorite drink), music (anything really, mostly pop, techno, k/j-pop or j-rock, dancey or really happy poppy music!), cold weather (I'm weird), and sushi (my favorite food).

And lastly, your victim's face....s

If you look above the pictures, there are small blue numbers, so you can just look through them. I'm 5'7"..or 5'6" and a half.
And yeah, I never can choose which picture to show people.
So why not just show a ton. |D

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//circuit functioning noises
Stalking overload! Stalking overload!
Commence further stalking in PM's or Comments!

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fireangelblue Report | 06/29/2015 10:40 pm
Thank you! I adore yours heart
fireangelblue Report | 06/29/2015 4:10 pm
Thank you for your purchase! xd Have a great day! heart
Blueman8305 Report | 06/28/2015 5:46 am
What The Heal Report | 06/26/2015 8:53 pm
What The Heal
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- But. I'm too invisible and easily forgotten. So it hardly matters. >.> -
What The Heal Report | 06/26/2015 8:48 pm
What The Heal
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- I like how everytime I have like an upsetting status you're always the first person to question what's wrong. -
Shattered Ciel Report | 06/24/2015 5:51 pm
Shattered Ciel
your avatar is so cute today!!!!!! heart heart heart heart
Mewkshake Report | 06/20/2015 5:42 pm
        what have you tried buying? mostly apparels?
        i'm absolutely terrified when it comes to buying clothes at stores
        so i've been trying to find reliable sources to buy clothes online but
        then bam all these mixed reviews from people makes me all anxious about doing it
        emotion_donotwant emotion_donotwant emotion_donotwant emotion_donotwant
Mewkshake Report | 06/19/2015 4:10 pm
        well, with today's testings over there's really
        nothing left for me to do other than head back to school for 3 hours on the 26th
        to grab my report card and run out of the building partying
        and then gain like 20 pounds throughout the entire summer

        on a whole different note, do you have any experience shopping with ebay?
        i've been wanting to shop at taobao, which is like a chinese equivalent of ebay
        but heck they probably don't have a clue about shipping overseas (even though
        that's an option, strange) so i'm a bit iffy about it... i really want this goddamn bear
        hoodie like ugh it's so cute heeeeeeelp
Mewkshake Report | 06/19/2015 12:52 pm
        i automatically became a citizen last year though, when my mom did
        because i'm still under 18 and living with her but i just needed the certificate to prove that
        apparently, according to my counselor, it's important when applying for college because i was only
        here as a permanent citizen and then i would have to deal with my visa and green card and blaauerhg
Shattered Ciel Report | 06/19/2015 10:54 am
Shattered Ciel
Awe <3 Thank you sweetie <3

I always feel like my avatars are subpar


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