How can you begin telling people about yourself? Often to another person none of it matters, but to you every moment had a point. Even so I want to get to know people and let them get to know me. I s'pose best i can do is start with the basics.

Like every one here I love anime and manga. I also love anthropomorphism, taking non-human objects and turning them humanoid. I love drawing and Role playing anime. My favorite anime are Ranma 1/2, b*****d and Berserk amongst ones i can think of right now. Though i haven't seen as much as i would like to.

I love and have collected a number of good video game tittles. Some of my favorites favorites are Shinobi, Prince of Persia, all of the zelda tittles. I also enjoy tactical games such as phantom brave and final fantasy tactics. My all time favorite game is pokémon. I've been playing it for about forever, and though i have a love hate relationship with the system it's self, I still play it constantly.

Music i like includes almost anything but hers a list of some of my top favorites including genres and artists.

Red hot chili peppers
Cibo Matto
Almost any thing from the 70's and 80's
Ayumi Hamasaki and Hikaru Utada
Enlightened Hip Hop and afro-centric music
Almost any genre done in another country
(I.e Indian techno, Japanese hip hop, Russian pop.)

And many more. Though listing them all would just take to long.

I was born on the little island of Kauai. Important thing i remember was hurricane Iniki. I remember my mom taking me out of our house to stand in the eye of it. You really gain a respect for nature in a situation like that. I grew up around fantasy nerds and hippies so I didn't escape unaffected and I'm happy for that.

In my life I'm doing my best to follow my heart and gut instincts along every path. I do care what other people think about me because I know i cant get every perspective of myself. Though I am trying to learn when It's my issue and when its some one else's.

My personal interests revolve around the world i live in. I like politics social interaction and though i can be an antisocial fogey at times, preferring to stay home drink tea and read than party, I want to get to know more people and what's happening around me.

Im a bit religiously disinclined. I don't like to follow one set of rules. I like to be able to use my head and heart to better my self and make the judgments about the world around me as they need be made. Often, I've found politics has rewritten religion as it needed any way. This is not to say it haas nothing to offer though. (though when i was raised i went to a buddhist temple)

**Are you wondering about the hot chick in my sig?**
Yes thats my avatar, Nai. There is a lot about her like any RP character who has been around through a lot of RP's.

I could never really give you a full view of me and i know it would be the same for me to you whom read, but if you want to get to know more about me just send me a Pm and chances are ill reply.

Well thats really all i suppose might matter to people out there.
Well wishes
~The Nai


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Uberwulf X

Report | 06/11/2017 5:33 pm

Uberwulf X

Hey Nai, I should really talk to you a lot more 'cause I miss doing that. I'll try to catch up with you on FA, Weasyl, a tumblr, or something.

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A wild Nai approaches!
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Magic Run

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Miss you heaps, darlin'!
Anya Kagehoshi

Report | 12/24/2006 6:46 pm

Anya Kagehoshi





Catch ya laters Nai Nai
Anya Kagehoshi

Report | 10/07/2006 1:40 pm

Anya Kagehoshi

I <3 j00 2!

You be meh smexshy beast.

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La Belle et la Bete

Report | 07/02/2006 2:10 pm

La Belle et la Bete

You've been commented by the OMFG-incarnate. How queer.

Anthro luff. ;3

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*tickles and flees*

Report | 11/17/2005 7:51 pm


NYA! *POUNCE* Uber lurve for my kitty sistah~



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