Hi everyone, please have a seat, would you like a cup of tea? I have fresh cookies, just in case heart
My name is Missing somewhere in the database, but you can call me Nabe, just for shorts smile
I've been here for a long long time, early 2006... After a few years of hiatus I wish to pick up from where I left so I'm questing a few items and since Im a married lady with a wonderful husband a two lil' sunshines in my life I can't lurk marketplace as I should to raise some funds, so Im trying to maintain a cute Animation Shop for my sake and to complete my neverending dream (ON HIATUS DUE TO AN ACCIDENT AND I CANT USE MY ARM).
My quest is quite simple I want all EI's and all MC's. Since the inflation those goals are quite a feat so now (Besides the main goal) I'm questing A LOT of items for my former dream avvies and I want them, simple as that.

So please, enjoy your stay, bumps are appreciated, donations are loved, art treats are wonderful smile

Thank you very much to the following Anons and People:
Poor Anon
Antigonish Anon
Peregrine Falcon
Failure Anon
Post Anon
The Horrible Singing Anon
Eternally Dreamy Anon
The ADD Anon
Poet Anon
Sly Anon
Anna of Arendelle
The Bloody Anon
Polaris, The Binary Star
Revolution: Gaia Anon
Anon "Lazy" Anon heart

Venii Vidii Vicii
grubby cheeks
Milk on my cereal
Amarysso Lux
Risika-chan heart heart
Randy Jenkins
Madame Lee heart
Conceal dont feel
Intoxicated Fluffiness
The South Butt
The Raving Zombie
Liz Licious V2
Sixx Sky heart
RG Charity Mule
Prismatic Poltergeist
Mojo The Apprentice

Your messages and gifts always put up a smile on my face
I'm creating a Anon Appreciation thread to thank and show how wonderful messages the Anons give out, if you have information please, send me a PM with a quote/screenie of the message and the name of the Anon.


Wonderful People

I'll Add the names of the people that help me get my goals and the arts I get from you here :)



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I'm looking for all Anon signatures, post them Here Please

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823 days PROTEST! Wearing Daily Chance and DD clothes only.
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Avvie Art: 3/100