Le Me.

Hai umm what to say huh
orite my name is Wafiz Hamka
im 18 now eh wait not yet == my birthday is on december so im not fully 18 yet hahah
for now my home at Sri Manjung.
stay with my family until 24 november then
i futher my studies at melaka ~~
im single ~~ hahaha why i write that ==
never mind im friendly (ask my frend if you dun believe me) my height 1.78 ~~ yea i know im short
basket ball is my second favarote sport ~~ and now i hold position of power house~~ really tough position ~~ i played rugby once ~~ but its end up really bad ~~ i broke my arm and leg == yea lucky no operation was done favarote colour ummm purple,white,black,and red.