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well i dont have much how talk about me..
I'm just a young spanish mangaka... Proud to be fujoshi and chocolate addict
i don't watch so much anime.. except pokemon, that's part of my childhood.
I like all types of music but my favourite are metal and alternative rock.. and a little bit rap. I really love weird music who no one knows, xD
My fav bands are Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, Broken Iris, Hollywood Undead and idk.. lot of cool bands for being a fan lol...
I'm always playing zOMG! I like do smob or dms. But i preffer dms so im always waiting at the gate..
I like sleep and discover paranormal things.
My first language are Spanish, but i speak Catalounian too.
I'm learning English and French.

Ask me for avi arts sending a PM

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