yea, I know.

If you want my attention on forums, please quote me.
I love to chat with people.
&& I'm really rather friendly, I promise!

I am rarely online anymore.
I can be best reached via PM.
I also have kik and snapchat, if you miss me.
If you quote me, Im on weekly, if that, and sometimes miss replies due to sheer quantity.
Sorry people, but this is just how it is.

This is where I spend about 90% of my time here on Gaia, so if you're looking for a fun place to chat and hang out, best bet is to find me here.

Danny's here!

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Sangre De Espana Report | 10/16/2016 10:06 am
Cause hair is in the way and lighting sucks.. P!us, I use a tablet and the tablets camera isn't the best in the world.. Then again, I've never been able to get good pics of me from any camera.. Yep, that's why I'm not using white lipstick again..
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/13/2016 3:32 pm
Actually, I'm lighter skinned than you think.. I look like a ghost in reality.. I got comments that the white lipstick looked like sperm on me, eeeehhhhhh!
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/13/2016 3:05 pm
Woau, zombie! Heh, it just didn't look right at all for me.. I got it in a 6 color set.. But, honestly, all I wanted was the teal since that's my favorite color..
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/12/2016 3:13 pm
I'd say the same for me, I know I can't pull off smoky eyes.. One thing I'm NOT doing ever again is using white lipstick.. Oh man, it came out so wrong!
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/12/2016 2:48 pm
Same for me when it comes to makeup.. I get you on the lipstick.. I got small lips as you can see so its weird how it works out..
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/12/2016 1:15 pm
Heh, alright.. You can see me if you want: Sangre Muerte Guerrera.. My display pic is actually how I look minus drag.. Also Sophia Alexandria on FB.. Thanks! I'm just not too much into make up.. I can use it but I'd rather not..
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/12/2016 1:03 pm
Actually, you'll find this weird.. Your name popped up under "people you may know" on my FB and I've seen your full name tossed around on Gaia so thats how I found out.. Nice horses, by the way.. And yeah, that's me under the wig, dress and lipstick.. I do drag..
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/11/2016 11:24 pm
I have my ways.. Check latest journal entry if you wanna see what I "look" like.. Well, not really what I look like but it is something..
Sangre De Espana Report | 10/09/2016 3:27 pm
Long time no speak.. Hope all is well.. Heh, I know what you look like..
DominiqueBabyBlueBay Report | 10/08/2016 4:51 pm