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Pm me.

I missed you

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Where are you?
Sapphire Shores

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Sapphire Shores

No, I totally understand. I feel that way sometimes, but you're right. Why put someone else through it? Inner strength is important and you gotta cultivate it where you can, I suppose.

This is very true. Here's hoping that changes. Not likely, but gotta keep the dream aline, nahmean?
Sapphire Shores

Report | 05/14/2015 2:11 pm

Sapphire Shores

I think it's hard for people who don't actually have depression to really understand the extent and depth of the feelings. I feel misunderstood a lot as well, but you just gotta try to remind yourself that not everybody is gonna get what you're feeling or saying. It's tough, though. On a side note, if you ever need somebody to talk to that (kind of) understands, I'm all ears and I'm usually free.

I agree with you 100%. I guess there's still that stigma of online relationships, but I can't see why. They're still real people and real emotions.
Sapphire Shores

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Sapphire Shores

Yeah, that sounds about right, honestly. Hearing people say "X Y Z will go wrong if you don't pull your s**t together" doesn't make as much of an impact as X Y Z ACTUALLY happening. A big problem for the whole self care issue has been the fact that I have depression, too. When you don't feel like life is worth living, you don't make an effort to live, ya know? That hope means a lot, actually, so thank you. 3nodding

I actually met her on Gaia a few years ago. Seems sort of stupid, but fate works in mysterious ways, yeah? lol
We were just bullshitting and got to talking and realized we had a hell of a lot in common.
Sapphire Shores

Report | 05/14/2015 1:38 pm

Sapphire Shores

No worries, my memory is shot to s**t too, so.. lol
It's not the best of circumstances, but it's all really my own fault. If I had been taking care of myself the way I should've been for the past fifteen years or so, these things wouldn't be happening right now.
I'm glad that for the most part your friend is good at taking care of himself. I've had a few close calls myself. It's natural to worry though.
Thank you very much. It'll be a process, but given enough time, things should get better. At least marginally. 3nodding
Sapphire Shores

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Sapphire Shores

Have I told you I have diabetes? If not, I do. lol
For a very, very long time I didn't take care of it and not taking care of diabetes causes an absolutely ENORMOUS litany of issues.
I've got retinopathy, which is bleeding in the eye that can make you go blind. I've got neuropathy, which is nerve damage that causes a pretty ******** decent amount of pain and diminished sensation in the hands/feet/etc.
There's some less serious stuff going on too, but those are the big things. So recently, I decided to stop being a moron and killing myself slowly and to start taking care of myself. It's been.. a process, to say the least.

Yup, I did! Thank you! 4laugh I don't think she will. We've known each other for a pretty long time and we've always sort of liked each other, but it never really came together until now. I'm really happy about it.
Sapphire Shores

Report | 05/14/2015 1:03 pm

Sapphire Shores

Hey, sorry. I kinda passed out earlier. Being up for like 28 hours will do that to you.
Anyway, I've been pretty alright. Been dealing with a lot of medical issues lately, so that's been shitty.
I did just get a girlfriend, so that's making me happy.

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Be safe

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You all right?


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