kaneki is my bae

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★ overview:
[name]: alley
[gender]: female ♀
[status]: taken
[specialty]: making mediocre art

★ тнe вaѕιcѕ:
Call me Myuu or Alley, either is fine.
I've been on gaia since '07/'08 but i've had several hiatuses since then.
I really enjoy cosplaying here on gaia because I love being creative with the items and finding out new combinations. I've been inspired by a lot of cosplayers in Cosplay Town
( 8b, 1023 ) because their cosplays are always so pretty and accurate! ; A ;

I love drawing and writing so I'll probably draw you art sometime because I really like surprising people with art. <3

General about me:
I'm a shy but silly person and it really takes time for me to get comfortable with people sometimes because I'm self-conscious. If you're willing to put effort into getting to know me I can be pretty funny with a strange sense of humor.
I sometimes get angry when people purposely try to put me down or feel bad but that doesn't necessarily mean i'll say something right away. I usually keep quiet unless really provoked. Other than that I can either be really quiet or really loud it just depends on how I'm feeling.

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