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Justus et Pius

Stories, rants (usually private), random s**t, basically whatever I feel like putting in here.


Brief Overview

Anyway, I am twenty years old and am in my fourth year of college. I'm majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in English.

I generally write...twisted stories. I like psychotic characters.

I love, love, love RPing. Haven't been in many RPs recently because of college and whatnot, but I try to join them when I can. My favorite type of RP is arranged marriages -- I don't really have a reason for this, other than I think they're fun. If it's a fantasy arranged marriage RP, that's even better. Also, if there's a larger conflict going on, then that RP is probably the best thing to exist -- as long as it's literate ( and cares more about the quality of writing than the quantity ).

      I can't RP anymore, though, because college is murdering me. I have to prepare for an art show -- 'cause I was stupid and decided to be an Art major -- and it's so much freakin' work.

I also thoroughly enjoy strategy games, board games, and card games (some, at least). Right now, I'm super addicted to Magic the Gathering. Awesome, awesome game.

I love reading arguments on this site, especially ones in the Writers or Twilight forums. I find them highly amusing, though I don't usually involve myself. I just watch from the sidelines. Though, I can sometimes get into arguments, but I have to be really pissed off...which actually doesn't happen that often. I'm a considerably calm person.


My favorite animals are cats, and I really, really want to get a Scottish Fold because they are just irresistably cute. But it'll be years before I actually can. Bleh. Have to graduate first and get my own place.

My favorite color is red. Basic red, not brick red or scarlet or anything like that. Just red.

Author: Megan Whalen Turner

Book: The King of Attolia

Show: Dexter

Anime: Sword Art Online

Band: 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy

Song: Conquistador -- 30 Seconds to Mars

Lyrics: "Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger | The person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger." -- Miss Missing You, Fall Out Boy


At the moment, I only have one major quest.

I am trying to collect art of my OCs. So, if anyone is feeling generous...I'm always happy to accept art.

Netherside characters.
Almost Human characters (Ashton and Kyle are actually my sister's).
Some tektek OCs.

In addition to art, though, I also want some writing of my OCs. If anyone wants to do that and has questions about the characters, feel free to PM me.

Also, I would love any of the things on my Wishlist. ^ ^

If you want to make a girl's day, please donate.


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plusul Report | 05/09/2014 12:01 pm
thank you for buying the noodles!
Lineina Report | 12/08/2013 6:59 pm
I've loved Within Temptation for years! Her newer stuff is awesome! My favorite books by Amelia are The Kiesha'ra Series. If you haven't read those I strongly suggest them. Even if you just read the first book it's a good stand alone book as well as a series starter! Saw you also like Maximum Ride, James patterson is another favorite of mine.
Lineina Report | 12/07/2013 11:19 pm
Oh wow we have a lot of the same interests and I'm happy to see another Within Temptation fan! Not many seem to know of her. And a amelia atwater-rhodes fan! HAHA She's one of my favorites!
Drunk on Candies Report | 05/27/2013 6:01 am
Cool avi
LuckyAl2389 Report | 02/21/2013 8:18 pm
gaia_angelleft Thanks for the purchase! gaia_angelright
haunting heaven Report | 12/04/2012 11:23 am
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Princess Eiyanga Valencia Report | 10/12/2012 8:10 am
Hope you liked the art of your OC Jade. Sorry it took so long to complete, but college was swamping me. D:
animeprincess357 Report | 09/12/2012 9:36 am

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Thanks for buying! 3nodding heart
Umpenscrump Report | 01/27/2012 8:39 pm
Nice avi and profile! Very lovely! yum_cupcake
Queen Kianra Report | 04/02/2011 9:59 pm
K i T a l k i n ’ H e r e . . .
I like looking at random profiles,
and I saw yours and saw you were looking for oc arts. c':

Here's two links to my shoppes I can provide - one is full and a freebie shop and also temporary. ouo;
The other is my permanent shoppe, but it isn't a freebie. >w<

Here you go:


My Freebie Request

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Okay. This is my first time. And I'm just getting the hang of it. So, if I do something wrong...oops. Heh. Heh.