<br/>hi welcome to my gaiaonline profile

anime i like

*fruits baskets
*samuari champloo
*outlaw star

anime movies
spirted away

video games (DDR) and many others

i like karate and am on my blue striped belt. i wanta compete in karate.
oh and if you have a DA look me up my username is wolveringurl.i do lots of anime,manga and photography
Im obsessed with linkin park! my fav band besides nickleback my second fav band

a poem i wrote

I feel like I am being
swallowed into darkness,
the only thing that cuts
trough my pain is a deep
dark loneliness Please can
someone help me out of
this dark depression? All
I want is to be happy again
and for the pain to you have
caused to go away. Why
do I have to go on living
this way, my heart broken
into a million pieces.
doesn’t anyone understand
the pain I have been through?
doesn’t anyone care? I feel
so alone,so please rescue
me from my pain or I
will be consumed by the
deep dark void.

some drawings i did
sasuke from naruto(not the best)

nes game controller with tetris blocks
the guy from shojo beats comic honey and clover

jin from samurai champloo

vash the stampede from trigun. i finished it but lost the drawing my room

i also am a graphic designer as well

ying yang i made

moogle from final fantasy
a picture based on vincent vahn gohs starry night

linkin park picture i made!
done with da muro and edited after
my name
i like doing tunnel and spaceship pictures

and again

last one for now

sunsetting picture taken by ME! no stealing these pics

fog in my woods by me

clouds by me
icicles by my house taken by me

and again

rainbow on my banister at my house

my dad has a window you can open on top of his car and here are clouds i took


me doing karate in my room,taken on shutter speed function with my camera! smilies/icon_smile.gif notice i have a naruto,muhammad ali poster and you can see part of pickachu's ear.lol

picture of me walking

random pics of friends and things
my awsome boyfriend! ^_^

LOL JUST KIDDING.found this picture randomly online
its not my boyfriend

how i feel angry sometimes not my picture


naruto *dancey dancey*



angry son goku


rainbow myst is now on tinierme look me up @ rainbow-myst. yeah i know it says im a guy but i wanted the ninja avatar. lol you know me,im totally obsessed with ninjas!


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I don't know if I ever said thanks(for your comment about liking my background) but thanks!
Fire Traener

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Fire Traener

Thank you! =)

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thank yoooooou!

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Lol thank you whee heart
Inferno Dog

Report | 03/27/2012 5:21 pm

Inferno Dog

TY Mrs. Goku

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Awww, thanks!^_^ Yours is pretty neat, too.

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Thanks for buying!
~Nice pro btw ;D
etrom toa

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etrom toa

mike goku

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mike goku

thank love the outfit u have on heart ninja

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I dot hat too. Or I just use that Gaia Cash to get a monthly collectible. I eventually want to get all of the collectibles.


look i love japanese anime under guilds and join.its my guild and only has 4 people cause i just started!!!