Hi my name is Jade and i am 16 years old..(Birthday is feb. 6) and my favorite colors are purple and blue, and my favorite animal is a tiger RAWR!!!!lol but i loooooove cats! and anime! my favorite animes are Chobits, Ouren High School Host Club, Lucky Star, Oriemo, Kanamemo, Fruits Baskets.... so practicley any anime ive watched and enjoyed xD i also like to draw! if you would like to see some of my work, go here to Deviantart to check out some things i have drawn! if you have an account, watch me to see any other drawings i post! (:
~love jade

P.S. I am back now!!! (: yes, i now have internet, freaking finally!!! catch me here or on ourworld.com (:
if you have ourworld look for Mystical Buns! my kik is Jadezzilla (:
ttyl meh buds! take care! ^-^

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