It's easy to hate (hate)
It's harder to love me (damn)
Ya'll don't understand (stand)
Ya'll quickly to judge me
Put your foot in my Nikes,
Picture you livin' my life,
Picture you stuck in a cell,
Picture you wasting your life,
Picture you facing a charge,
Picture you beating the odds,
Picture you willing to bleed,
Picture you wearing the scar
Thank you for making me struggle,
Thank you for making me grind


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Report | 07/16/2015 2:41 am


Oh snap a Mysterious Drifter!
candy coated vomit.

Report | 10/13/2014 4:01 pm

candy coated vomit.

Death By Pork Fried Rice

Report | 09/16/2014 10:43 pm

Death By Pork Fried Rice

Yeah gonna aim to become an rn. We'll see whether I touch advanced nursing or administration after that.
You planning on living in china til retirement?

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...If you ever log on again, HAI whee
simply PURE

Report | 05/21/2014 12:33 pm

simply PURE

I mean..are you sure you didn't do anything, even the slightest violations against TOS? I don't see why they would be THAT strict.....I have some knowledge of the Chinese education system; such a shame. Have you thought about studying abroad? U.S. maybe? xD

About Facebook......I'd hold off on that, please understand sweatdrop
simply PURE

Report | 05/19/2014 5:55 am

simply PURE

Waah?? Gaia shouldn't be unjust! That's really unreasonable......

Why don't you try a new department or somewhere else where they teach new information.

simply PURE

Report | 05/15/2014 2:05 am

simply PURE

I wish there were more Chinese people, lol. Not that there isn't enough here in UVa. Just wish more would play Gaia.
I think..some moderators are a bit..too obsessed with catching people with the slightest error, sigh.

Well, the last time we spoke you were saying you're in the medical program right?
simply PURE

Report | 05/13/2014 6:20 am

simply PURE

Ahahahahaha......I know the feeling. I guess we'll just have to wait for the prices to adjust..though I wish gold worth more; I rather have it less.
simply PURE

Report | 05/11/2014 2:13 pm

simply PURE

Yeah..the inflation is definitely an issue..I really do think Gaia should hold back on the item releases, I was appalled when my friend gifted me a panda hat......I almost rather for it to be a dream o.o

Have you ever bought Gaia Cash before?

Well..I still enjoy talking to the people on here.
simply PURE

Report | 05/11/2014 3:10 am

simply PURE

Awww, what do you mean? Aside from the hyperinflation......