myself that people should now

I rather not expose to much information about me so basically i will tell a bit about me

My nickname is Ada and I am totally ASIAN. I am currently studying in Dip Accountancy and like to further my study in other courses like graphic animation that is BECAUSE I like anime so much and want to produce my own one. Sometimes i can be cheerful and sometimes i can be mean or just stay quite all day.People keep saying that I am a bored person to be with well that might be true but the real truth is I can be someone who is always be by your side if anything happens good or bad and can be a loyal friend. So please if you wanna be my friend just act like one and don't ever play with my feelings and if you do you will regret that you ever meet me if you have making fun with me AND I MEAN IT

utaka hanabi

i wanna go to a place


nigyo hime

soredemo sekai wa utsukushii

tender rain