- Myin / Han
- Computer support specialist, IT professional, coffee connoisseur, country boy.
- I love a lot of things and probably dislike a lot more.
- Currently collecting all head objects, dusk grey/pink, and galaxy items.
- I'm just focusing on staying stable these days.
- And driving my friends up the goddamn wall.
- Genderfluid. Him.

You may be wondering what's with the pink name.
Well, I'm a Forum Assistant! I work about in The Gaia Exchange, Music, Word Games, Test Forum, Art Shops, Mini Shops, Adoptables, and all of Barton Town.
Feel free to toss me a PM if you need a thread moved in any of these forums.

I do not handle account problems or ToS violations. Please contact a Site
Moderator if you have such a problem!

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