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Hey their folks. If you checking out this profile, most likely you are
~Someone who I pissed off
~very good gaia friend
But, for all of you, I come today on a mission of piece. I may be bisexual. I may think Christo-Paganism is possible. I may think like everyone else when I think anime should rule the world, but I'm not crazy.

Well... Maybe I'm crazy. The first thing a crazy person usually says is "I'm not crazy." So I'm not sure about that. I'm not a beast, I don't have a weird disease but like. I don't know. Is it crazy to get really mad when ppl talk lyk dis? I sure get mad.

Awwww well how about just look at all the stuff below this sentence and I'll stop talking.

What I do:
I do art. I do psychic readings. I smoke fake cigs. It's funneh. I creep out the creepers on Omegle and Chatroulette. It's fun. I hardly roleplay anymore, besides two. I've gotten busier on Gaia and real life. Besides the billions of readings I have to do and some free art I still have to finish ANNND the Rp's I have to reply to, I'm... Pretty mellow.

My stuff~

My Art~
[X] A freebie I did
[X] My own avi from a while ago
[X] Moar art
[X] An earlier piece of mine

My Roleplaying Characters~
~Jill Valentine~Amy Husher~Ariel Black~Lisa~Anna Rose Junen~Janie Lee Baxton~Alina & Minael Roran~

My Roleplays~
The first rp I ever made. It's closed now, but I've met some awesome people through it. It's... Probably one of the best things that ever happened to me to be honest.

The best people on Gaia EVAR:

Dynie2007 for out of the blue saying my art was cute :3
Plaidsley for not thinking I'm a btch after disagreeing with her remarks.
Shut The Eff Up for being my first friend on Gaia, even though now I think she has quit.
Lady Apsara for being the most fun of all my clients to do a reading on.
Jiji Nanoya for being one of the most creative role players I've ever met.
Sephiroth-king Darkness for being another awesome role player, and for generosity. (She gave meh somethin' I really wanted)

People I really quite dislike on Gaia:
Oh YEAH no one yet

My 7th Street Guild under minor construction it's getting a banner and we're working on more action in it. Until then.

Jersey Shore rp soon getting a banner after I get my 7th Street under control. I'm not worried about getting it more buzz.

NOTE: Please do not friend me if I haven't talked to you in the Gaia World, Forums, Guilds or real life, Thank you!


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Here is my blog...

About what it was like on WeeWorld and why I left it for Gaia


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Bump.. Hey!
Metal TopHatBomb

Report | 05/06/2012 11:55 am

Metal TopHatBomb

thank you so much for the pants heart
no longer vaild

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no longer vaild

cool cool thanks for the heads up.
Pink perfume tea

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Pink perfume tea

sure dear go right ahead ^^
Pink perfume tea

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Pink perfume tea

lol it was funny razz
Jiji Nanoya

Report | 04/16/2012 11:49 am

Jiji Nanoya

--hugs tightly-- Aww, don't be discouraged. People may not post often, but you can always talk to me if you need someone to talk to or to rp with. ~~Friendly kisses~~ :3

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Cute pictures! : ]

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A military rp'er ehhh. You'll fit in nice with us.. I saw your "The Voids and the Meckons (War Rp) Open/Accepting "

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thanks for buying! may u enjoy ur item. heart
Grand neff

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Grand neff

blaugh hey thot id say wats up and stuff hmu sometime. and nice profile look. very awsome. razz


In remembrance of my first role play ever. May you rest in peace.