My beautiful store~ XD

Welcome to my shop!! ^^ hope you find what you need.

Im so nice I accept trades for items in my store ^^

Of coourse I hope it is something reasonable ^, ^

Also I do not change the prices on my items...they usually tend to be the lowest in the market because well...I am desperate to sell sell sell!!! So please do not ask for lower prices.

Oh and this has not happened to me before until today (June 21 2011): Where someone PMed me to buy my cupcake confection, which I sold for 214,700g (lowest price in the market EVER!!! well to my knowledge lol), for 15k?!?!?!?! and then pay me the rest later...SERIOUSLY!!!? Never ever PM me saying something like that EVER again smile I shall not point fingers XD but seriously...don't do is ridunkulous! I can never trust anyone whom I do not know fully with an item 100k or up to pay me so low for the time being and then pay off the debt later...I just can't ppl.

Anyways those are my only "rules" I guess you can call them or "concerns" biggrin So hope you find what you are looking for! <3

~Merci beaucoup, avoir une belle journée~


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