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I'm Mariah (Zombiebrains)
I'm black and white with a little bit of blue. <3
I am a amateur photographer.
I'm bi-sexual and I have a girlfriend. If you don't like it..
Well that's not my problem and it's not yours either.
So go fly a damn kite. c:

Everyone tells me I have have a perfect life, but they only see the outside.

I have this dog, her name is Star. I'll die without her. (With me since 2001.)
I don't like people much, --because I'm socially awkward--
but I am easy to get along with.... For the most part...

Dream #1: Be non-celebrity famous.
Dream #2: Own a silver fox.
My wish: Star will stay alive until I'm not.

I don't want much out of life.. Obviously..

|| B-day: 08.27.96 || In love. || Candor/Erudite. ||

My Book:
Its on Wattpad.

R.I.P Benny: 12/31/03 - 08/26/14
I love you; I hope you're in a better place. <3


Questing all fox items!
Help is overjoying. <3
I have:
Koji the Red Fox
Sly the Black Fox
Fan of Foxes Sweater
Kit the Mischief Maker

Schnappzilla - Koji the Red Fox