Kamemi on 07/24/2014

♀♀ ♂♂ ♀♂

I'm Mariah (Zombiebrains)
I'm black and white with a little bit of blue. <3
I took the background image, and did some editing
on it. (I want to be a photographer.) I'm bi-sexual and
I have a girlfriend. If you don't like it.. Well that's not my
problem and it's not yours either. So go fly a damn kite. (:
I have this dog, her name is Star and she is the greatest thing ever.
Nobody will ever understand our connection.
I don't like people much, --because I'm socially awkward--
but I am easy to get along with.... For the most part...

Nice ******** try. I'm not going/looking back.
I'm better than you.

|| Shy. || 17. || 08.27.96 || 2014 grad || Taken 04.02.12. || Candor/Erudite. ||

I'm writing a book, if you want to read it click on one of these links: Wattpad - Quotev

I started on a new book:
Its on Wattpad. (On hold)