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i like layering.

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i talk. a lot a lot.

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doodle my noodle.

I love being with people who make me smile ^^ they brighten up my day <3

There are a lot of wonderful people I meet here on gaia =) a lot of them come and go.. a lot stop gaia-ing because of other things going on with school or whatever... I miss them dearly </3.

As for me, I play on Gaia... unfortunately, irregularly. hahaha >P but I like playing every once in a while ^^ I currently participate in the Food & Drink forum ^____^ !!

OMG, gaia pinball is like, thee bessst game ever. ;3 yayuh!!

current top score: 4165775

Towns 2 is pretty awesome, love Gambino! Moved in to Durem Depot, check out my home for sweet treats & other yummy foods smilies/icon_heart.gif


An Entrapment

My love, I have tried with all my being
to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not
compare his love to a summer's day.
It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
of such a creature as thee,
to simply cast away the precision
God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being
whether it physical or spiritual
is an ensnarement
from which there is no release.
But I do not wish release.
I wish to stay entrapped forever.
With you for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one.

- Anthony Kolos -

<333 thank you.

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The Moment by Yiruma

love love love.

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BaconOnTheFloor Report | 11/14/2015 7:20 am
awe thankies whee
Takarashi Report | 07/01/2015 6:52 pm
Hey! I'm good. How've you been?
Uh Fleeting Memory Report | 06/30/2015 4:53 pm
Uh Fleeting Memory
Hiya and thanks! whee
kagome009 Report | 05/26/2011 8:11 am
Hey M-chan!! Yeah things are going well on my end. Had a few ups and downs (job being shitty. Wanting to quit. Got fired. Looked for new job. Took forever. Got new job. Etc. lol)

How bout you?? How's everthing on your end? I heard the bits you said back in the dusty ol' bar lol. Dont think anyone posts there anymore.. sweatdrop
Uh Fleeting Memory Report | 05/25/2011 7:06 pm
Uh Fleeting Memory
ahaha x]
kagome009 Report | 08/13/2009 10:24 am
Lol, It was pretty fun. It wans't as good as last year though. Don't know why but me and my friends agree'd something about this year wasn't as great as last years. but oh well. Was still fun lol. Got myself lots of goodies. Spent SO much money XD

Lol, And of course I cosplayed. Cosplay is so much fun! Did three different outfits.
Went as Rebecca from Resident Evil 0
Amy from Soul Calibur 4
and Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club
kagome009 Report | 07/23/2009 4:34 pm
Awesome! Congrats! ^_^
My Summer is going pretty well. Work is fun. Now i'm just getting ready for my anime con. Its this weekend i'm SO excited! lol.
kagome009 Report | 06/15/2009 8:27 am
Hey M-Chan! ^_^
Yeah its been a while for the both of us lol.
Whats been up?? How've you been??
Old person Report | 05/03/2009 7:17 pm
Old person
MWAH~ heart

Long time no see, *glomps*
I haven't been up to too much just working on carttoons & comics. >.<
Artisty stuff, i've been SO busy. -_-;

(Got a couple offers from carttoon network biggrin
I didn't like what they wanted me to do so i refused, they wanted me to be an itern for like 3 years. 0_0
Not doing that. they can fire you for lame stuff like not bringing them a coffee and lame crap.
I'm not putting up with that crap, yeah know? D:<
That's what they did to my friend who worked there for 3 years and they did that to him on his last day there.
They can be real jerks. D:< )

But i'm trying to get on gaia again, sooooo...yeah at least i'm trying to be on more. ^^;
bunny bubbly Report | 05/03/2009 4:13 am
bunny bubbly

<3 home.

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