a little about me

I don't care much for my profile or grammar for that matter. Oh well. Welcome anyways.

Harro. The name's Mutual. But realistically? My name is actually Olivia.

The main reason I'm on Gaia is to roleplay. I've roleplayed for a couple of years now and I've met a lot of really good friends online because of my roleplaying so there's that.

I'm an American. Happily single. Kidnapped by a cat. I'm also kind of weird but in a good way...right?

Frightened of elevators and creepy crawlies.

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I'm online a lot because I kind of have no life but I get busy during the weekdays due to work.

I love playing games like Pokemon, Rune Factory, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Gory, creepy games like Ia and Mad Father are totally awesome.

My twin sister is on here too. Her name is Pink Squee.

I'm also a big anime and manga fan. You probably expected this to show up?

I really like Deadman Wonderland...

Feel free to introduce me to new stuff because I'd totally love to get my hands on it.

I live in my own world. I enjoy taking pictures, cats, owls, tigers, music, soccer, frozen yogurt, watching anime, random acts of kindness, raspberries, reading, eating, fluffy things, sprinkles, cupcakes, rain, pink lemonade, Christmas lights, lifetime movies, doughnuts and being sassy. Need I say more?

"If life gives you lemonade, make lemons, and life will be like - WHAT?"

PIXELIAN is is my favorite place to stalk hang

My chemical romance

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my pwetty waifu

my pwetty waifu