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my lovely stalkers <3

Pink Squee on 04/16/2014
Flufficorn on 04/15/2014
azn-dollicious21 on 04/14/2014
Blood_Zombiee on 04/09/2014
Seme Stalin on 03/30/2014
Visforviolet on 03/29/2014
AngelSpice737 on 03/29/2014
TheLastPandaKong on 03/28/2014
Kaimonaide on 03/19/2014
MiZz-Oooo0ooo on 03/16/2014
Trillest Genius on 03/15/2014
Pixelated Wedgie on 03/08/2014
infinity snow fox on 03/03/2014

Mutual Friends loves you

|| Hispanic || October 14 || Libra ||
♥ - Yo. It's Mutual Friends

Hello all you bootyful butts!
I would be pleased if you called me Mutual (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
But Olivia is okay too ;o;
I like french toast, llamas, and sleeping...
And I love to play soccer ♥ .
I have a thing for cats and tacos.
Gay for floral crowns and deers.
I'm a student, I'm lazy and I procrastinate 24/7.
One of my favorite books ever has to be The Glass Castle.
You could say that I'm very literate when it comes to writing stories.
Plus it helps that I RP all the time for practice so feel free to invite me to one!
I'm a fan of Disney, Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Pusheen.
I like games like: Rune Factory, Pokemon (anything) , and stuff like Black Ops.
I'm a tomboy but I'm still a girl ;w;
I easily fall in love with anything cute ^^
My twin sister is weird.
Like totally weird. But I love her.
And I use an excessive amount of emotes >v<
So feel free to say hello, I hope we can be friends c:
Huhuhuhu yes
And see that art of me up there? You can find the awesome artist who did it here! Have fun! *waves*
Pink Squee
infinity snow fox
Bacon Vanguard
Ardent Mercy
Deadshot Lawton
Pleasure2noU Farewell
Mutual Friends
Pink Squee

The boys

The girls

o3o love dis

I swear I'm not antisocial like she says...

Important people!;w;

Sure your not.