Hallo, I'm mute conversation, and I'm addicted to Gaia. I'm no good, I'm insane by nature. I'm old enou-- too old actually. I cuss a lot, so beware. My birthday is on November 26. A leftie. I like cat, I'm an ailurophile, and dogs too. And animals, even though they can't talk. But cats will always be on top of my list! I have two dogs. I always have a hard time snoozing -- I was once awake for three entire days for no reason. I cry a lot, and I don't know why... I suspect I have bipolar disorder. I detest being ignored and arguing with people because it ticks me off. And debating, loathe it so much. Who cares if your opinions sound better than mine? ******** off. I'm too shallow for my age, I guffaw at the least amusing and absurd things. Was once an alcoholic but I gave it up because I don't like hangovers and I do the most stupid things under the influence. I no longer smoke.I hate the smell on my hair so much, I shampoo my hair twice everyday to get rid of the grime, and it will stink like s**t the entire day just because of the smoke. Sure, go ahead and choose your poisons, but don't you dare blow your smoke at me lest you get smacked in the face.

I listen to music a lot. I appreciate all genres, and I keep exploring and listening to kinds of music that I haven't heard of. I can play the guitar and I used to sing in a band. I really love singing, but it just won't love me back.

I used to have tons of friends on this site, but they no longer come here.
I feel so alone. Will you be my friend?

******** all of this.


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