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Character Profile

Name: Alex
Gender: Female
BFFs: workittwerkitserket and Rhymereason8
Relationship: Taken, we be nearing a year. (woooo)
Personality: Nice is what I've heard, though I can be kind of a butt sometimes.
Physical Appearance: Look up or to your left, depending on device, all that's changed is I've got blonde streaks and hazel eyes. Seriously.
Likes: Homestuck, anime, books, Panic! At the Disco, Regina Spektor, cats, cute clothes, hydrangeas, drawing, writing, Jensen Ackles, roleplaying, chocolate, crayons
Dislikes: Most of the smiley options on here, waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, the consequences of not sleeping, the consequences of sleeping, bad smells, when I cant draw what I want to draw
Crayon Most Like: I'd have to say I'm probably more of a Radical Red
Bio: I'm a teenage girl who does nothing but draw and write and rebel as much as to not do my homework until the very last minute. How very rebellious of me. I get good grades, I've got good friends, a great boyfriend, a good family, there's no real reason to rebel. I'll do art for cash, I made a thread about it, go check it out. I'm considering starting a webcomic so stay tuned on that. All my art and writing go on Deviantart as Derpyhoot and Archive of Our Own as Nightlife413, then there's here. I tend to hang out in CB so come join if you'd like to, I'd love to talk.

Art for Gold??

For the right price I may be able to hook you up with some amazing art. Well, okay, its not that great but w/eves, you're still getting art. My style has long since evolved and I guarantee it'll be worth it.
Link to Art Thread

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