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Wonderful sounds~



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(Pixelated Denti by Stabarella! <3) (Pixelated Trinkets by Emploding Sakura. <3)

Ahh, hello thereee~ Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Denti. Oh please, make yourself comfortable! I'll pour us some tea. <3

Now then, I suppose you're wondering why you're here. Well, I haven't the faintest idea myself.. that is unless you've come to hear my story. <3 Oh of course, that is why you're here! Now hush, you. Let Denti tell you a little bit about himselfff~

Ahem. Well then, where should I start? Mm. My name is Denti, but you already know that. <3 I am technically what you would call a "demon", but I am not one in the traditional sense. I am a citizen of the underworld, Styx Port, to be exact. In there I co-own a little boutique/salon that sells custom made clothing/accessories/jewelry and so on. My business partner and I design, sew and create all of the products we sell, with the exception of some jewelry. It is a pretty successful business that has amassed a small, but loyal clientele who continue to seek us out for their fashion needs. <3 Ah ah ah now I know what you're thinking, "but Master Denti, how can a blind demon sew?" Well, it's actually quite easy, my dear. I may not have eyes, but I can actually see quite well with my tongue. I possess many extra senses, including heightened hearing and an ability to perceive other energies and auras by using my hands or tongue. It's a bit difficult to explain the mechanics of it all.. but it's similar to being able to see in infrared vision. Sometimes I have to get really close and touch or even lick objects to get a better view of them and, as you can imagine, it can get awkward really fast. <3

Ah, but enough about work!~ Moving on to other things. I wont divulge exactly where I live for personal reasons, but my dwelling is in a lovely little mineshaft hidden underneath a large mountain. It's peaceful and the neighboring countryside is quite beautiful. It is also quiet.. for the most part, haha. Living with me are a multitude of other creatures I've taken in as roommates over the years.. including a loveable but trouble making bogeyman, an adventurous and somewhat unusual pit harpy, a kind and gentle little angel, some extraordinary humans with incredible abilities and of course.. my strong and loving mate, Disma. It can get pretty crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We're one big happy family. <3

Mm.. but of course, not everything is always pleasant. I live with quite an unpleasant.. condition. Many eons ago, I was infected with a terrible and nightmarish.. parasite, for lack of a better term. It's an incurable condition that occasionally distorts my appearance and my mind and drives me to do things I wouldn't normally do. It has caused me great personal loss and my loved ones.. terrible destruction. With the help of my mate and closest friends, I am able to keep it under control, but there are still occasional mishaps. Still, it is only a slight hindrance in my daily life and I no longer consider it my master.. and for that, I am extremely fortunate and grateful. <3

Well then! I'm sure I've bored you enough for one day. <3
Why don't you tell me a little about yourself now, hm?

** (AU Denti and Myin info coming soon. <3)
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( A little about IRL me. <3)

My name is Dani, but I'm better known as Denti. <3

I am 24

I spend all my time in WG~ <3

I am nowhere near creative or smart enough to create my own profile layout or do a fancy "about me" section... so profile will remain bland and uninteresting until I acquire the knowledge needed to make it spiffy.

I love video games, manga, anime, music, movies (cue long list of many generic likes / dislikes)... the usual. I also like tattoos and piercings, but I would never get any.... only because as soon as I would, I just know I would change my mind and want something else done instead of what I just got. I'm very indecisive.

I also LOVE to cook. I work part time in a quaint little deli/cafe and I hope to someday have a small eatery of my own. <3

..... I don't really know what else to put down, so here's a couple of fun facts about me.

1) I REALLY love bunnies. I have a room covered in stuffed bunnies, bunny hats, bunny posters, bunny bowls, ceramic bunnies and misc. bunny items. I also have a giant, inflatable carrot and a carrot pillow (made for me by a friend~). Like seriously, my bunny hoarding borders on insanity.

.... and ....

2) Sometimes I like to pretend its Halloween, and dress up in costumes I keep lying around in my closet. I get bored with being in the normal, day-to-day rut... and spontaneously dressing up as a ghost / pirate / cat / cardboard space robot while cooking dinner keeps life somewhat entertaining for me.

... okay that's it ... <3

I like random comments and PM's.. So, if
you want to know anything else feel free to
ask! I don't bite.


Okay, I may nibble your face a little bit.. but it's only out of love, bby. <///3

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WGmon by Houkito~ <3

I really like to be drawn. <3

A gift from my WG secret admirer. / Lickylicky. <33

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By: My sweet and lovely friend, Myin.

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By: 2Doodle. Thank you so much!~ <333

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By: My WG secret admirer. <333 thank you!

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By: Achriya. Thank you so much, my friend!~ <33

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By: revertighost. Hnnnnggg omg thank you! ; ;

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By: Emergency Candle. Thank you! <3

By: Dystopic Utopia. Thank you so very much, sir. <3333

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By Dystopic Utopia: Hnnnnnngggg~ thank you again! <3

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By: Villainous, OHOHOHOHO. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif <333

By: Villainous <333 Thank youuu!

By: Ryueki. Thank you~ <3

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By: Emergency Candle. <33 Thank you!!!

By: Full of Nothing. <3 Thank you Raruuuuu~ *Cuddles*

By: shionumi~ <3 Thank you!

[b]By: The Disney Hooker~ (Thank you, dear! <3)


A beautiful gift from my unofficially-adopted, sweet little baby. <33


~To My lovely WG secret admirer~

Thank you for brightening up this old demon's day. <3

Take care, dear. smilies/icon_heart.gif
<3 Denti~


Oh, I just love all you guysssss~ <3

Talk to me~

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Officer Russell-Peters Report | 07/10/2014 4:31 pm
Officer Russell-Peters
Work. Just work. Trying to do work. Wishing I could be back on Gaia, with working Wifi, role playing.

How are you? Whats new?
Officer Russell-Peters Report | 07/10/2014 4:09 pm
Officer Russell-Peters
-patpat patpatpat patpatpatpatpatpatpatpat-
Rhea Byrne Report | 07/10/2014 11:31 am
Rhea Byrne
Oh wow, thank you so much. emotion_kirakira
Myin Report | 05/22/2014 5:27 pm
I should really rewatch that anime. IT WAS SO GOOD, HNNNNG. And the music HNNNNNNNNG.

Oh thank you for that information. Myin will definitely use this to his advantage now AHAHAHA. I wonder what else he can get away with..
ok you need to get on skype sometime so we can discuss this LMAO
"Let the ******** flow through you" THAT SOUNDS SO BAD, WHY.....

DUDE THEY WERE GIVING AWAY NACHOS TODAY. THE HELL? This place rocks adjfhasd. I get to wear jeans tomorrow to work. It's normally business-casual. So this is nice.
Yeah, Granny is fine. She had to go in because she was having severe chest pains. They kept her overnight and did a heart cath on her. She's better now. Just can't be lifting things nor working. But that's what I'm here for. So.
Myin Report | 05/21/2014 8:56 pm
btw you have two new comments from me in case you miss one

[11:50:26 PM] Myin.: I made a rant blog
[11:50:40 PM] Heavy: o:
[11:50:50 PM] Myin.: ********/
[11:53:57 PM] Heavy: ...
[11:54:01 PM] Heavy: nice url
[11:54:05 PM] Myin.: it's
[11:54:11 PM] Myin.: Denti x Myin's OTP name
[11:54:12 PM] Myin.: LMAO
[11:54:55 PM] Heavy: NO ******** WAY OH MY GOD
[11:55:01 PM] Myin.: HAAHAHAHAHAHA
[11:55:12 PM] Heavy: their relationship sounds like a grave affair
[11:55:18 PM] Myin.: get out

I'm done with Static s2g
Myin Report | 05/21/2014 7:35 pm
.. I REALLY WANT THIS VIRTUAL GAMING. Like... .hack. butwithoutthelosingmemorypart
Tell me you've watched .hack//SIGN.

I just had this image of Myin sticking the Benadril in his own mouth and kissing Denti help I'M KINDA TOO OBSESSED WITH THIS OTP. orz

Nooope, never had the recoloured Pandaista for Din. I want to throw him in all the colours, tho. A LITTLE DIVA.

I keep falling asleep in class. |D Go, me. BUT I'M LEARNING A LOT. I'm really enjoying Geico. We had free cake handouts last Friday, and this week, we have a really nice booksale for donations for cystic fibrosis. I got three Goose Berry Patch recipe books for Granny for THIRTEEN DOLLARS, DANI. THIRTEEN. DOLLARS. Josh and I sat in the hospital with Granny last night and looked through them. THEY'RE GREAT HOLY s**t. Imightkeepthem.
Myin Report | 05/18/2014 6:20 pm
Mmmm, I love rocking chairs so much. You read my mind. <33

hehehe piggy. I call Melody by "Melly" the majority of the time, so it's okay.

I want all the black recolours. orz The Sketchbook, the Pandaista. I WAS SO ANGRY. THEY TOOK THE PANDAISTA OUT OF SHOP THE DAY I GOT THE MONEY. UGH, PANDAISTA IS DIN'S ITEM, ********.
It's alright, though. Denti makes a very cute demon.

Yeeep. I have to wake up at five again and be there at 7:30-3:30. orz It's such a long day. I fall asleep at least once everyday. cries
save me, Dani
save me
Myin Report | 05/18/2014 3:08 pm
pfffff, old people stuff. Give them a bunch of crossword puzzles and jigaws and The Young and the Restless and HOLLA.

Oreo? Is that the guinea pig? <3 ... oh my god, I don't ever remember you telling me her name, the hell.
Orrrrrrrr BENNADRIL? Benadril......
allergy meds
No sneezing.
Only pets and cuddles now and HOLY FRICK DENTI IS ******** ADORABLE.
Myin Report | 05/17/2014 7:03 pm
Can we stay there forever.
Can we.
Nana, Hershey, and ... ******** I FORGOT THE BABY'S NAME can come, too.

And Melody.
But I'll get you a hazmat suit.
Myin Report | 05/16/2014 4:05 pm


~Denti is MALE~

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Denti ♥ Myin

(Taking a break from WGs)


*Lickylickylicky* <3

*Lurk* <3

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