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tom nook is a crook Report | 10/17/2014 10:36 am
hey sheye I figured it was weird that I knew your name but you didn't know mine
anyway I'm jessi
rawgush Report | 10/16/2014 1:30 am
i just got a bj n now u making me horny crying
Tonguepunch_That_Fartbox Report | 10/08/2014 12:50 am
I'd love to see it! Comic book art design is pretty sweet, one of my friends is working on becoming a comic book artist. He's a huge Frank Frazetta fan
Tonguepunch_That_Fartbox Report | 10/08/2014 12:36 am
I'm working on horror art. Mainly creature designs, I want to do concept art for horror games/movies. I'm gonna try and get a progress shot once I can. I mainly use Acrylics. I like oils too but there just isn't enough time in the school year to use them
Tonguepunch_That_Fartbox Report | 10/08/2014 12:28 am
Ahaha thanks, I'm glad it makes people laugh. I'll say 7.5-8ish I've been at school since 8am and I had to spend the night doing homework. I have a painting due on thursday.
Tonguepunch_That_Fartbox Report | 10/08/2014 12:11 am
I must admit, I'm jealous of the adorableness of that avi of yours
BUTT I LIKE IT Report | 10/03/2014 2:14 am
can we get an apartment together plz
sex n the city
we need to make it happen!!!
i know! stare this foo, posting things on the internet

omg are you for real? thats so stupid, y he trying to lie when he got caught. evil

is this daddy a weirdo or is he alright? id say go for it. id like a daddy tbh.
dramallama i need new glasses anyways.

im just going to talk to him tomorrow/today its like 2:12am

yeah like i know being depressed will go away, so ill be fine. smile

skinty Report | 10/03/2014 2:12 am
yeah i m
skinty Report | 10/03/2014 2:07 am
la area
p much where 6 flags is
skinty Report | 10/03/2014 2:00 am
y all the cute guys in norcal sad
come down to actual california and hang wit me smile

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