My name is Alexandra A. Marquez, and it is quite the pleasure dollface.
Chubby Rockabilly, Glassing wearing. Spaniard Mexican.
Born and raised in California. Pomona is my town I couldn't have it any less.
I am awkward, shy, Friendly unless you give me a reason not to like you.
Have a bit of a temper, it comes with my heritage. Yet it's hard to get me upset.
Only thing that would piss me off would be fakes, cheaters and liars. Ya ******** off.
I love the idea of falling in love, Romance and affection is very very dear to me.
But due to reasons, I am very weary with people. Since I tend to fall for people easily.
More words to describe me would be.. Strange, Silly, Dorkish, Compassionate,
Happy, Positive, Generous, Quite, Artistic, Absent-minded, Maternal,Vulnerable
Careless, Devoted, Immature, Shy, aanndd very Modest. Come to know me more.

Things that catch my interests are..

Anime, Videogames, Friends, Eating, Sleeping, Drawing, Beer The Rain, Cooking,
Baking, Disneyland, Cartoons, Horror movies, American horror story, Vintage clothing,
Farmer Markets, Food, Cute things, RABBITS, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Bioshock,
Cats, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, History, Lady gaga, Flcl, Lolita, Zombies, Cute anime,
Xbox, DS, Animal crossing, Mermaids, Making people smile, Alice n Wonderland.

Message me to know more, please. I am very interested in meeting new people.

My very best friends:

My pets who i adore:
Caramel The Bunny.
Meowth The Cat.

Please send me a message I would very much enjoy it.
Take care now doll.


[ Art of us ]

I adore Kurt more than anything.

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