Hello all I'm Money,

Been around since 11/3/07 on & off. Just came back from a long hiatus to find super inflation & disingenuousness killing Gaia. I miss how much fun it used to be, when you gathered in town to shoot the s**t with a ton of friends & told beggars to go bump trees. Never been down with the elitist mentality because once you log off, all the gg you have means squat. I'm into intelligence, honesty & humor. My lifetime "Ace", my sis II Nights Embrace II, original OG & as real as they come. I have a vast vocabulary & a Wise soul, but troll me & I will cut you >.< I love friends, laughing, loyalty, gifts, pink things, animals, & art to name a few. The way to my Gaian heart is partake in any of these. Feel free to peruse & leave comments. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks for stopping by.


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