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Ms Epic's avatar

Birthday: 04/29


Hello I'm 22, I'm a guy shouldn't it be obvious? smilies/icon_stare.gif you can call me Strider
Hi!!! My name is Epic ! I'm female! Since you're so curious! Oh yea...I'm 20 :b

Small Info I Guess smilies/icon_exclaim.gif :

I'm shy and don't let many people get close to me, but ya wanna know why I don't answer you back? It's probably because you're full of it and I eventually get really sick of trying my hardest to be there when you're not. (does not apply to everyone)

I like to play video games, I'm not very interesting tho.
If you like to make drama pls go away ._.
I'm very straight-forward.

<-thats my character
and who I try to base most my female avis off of
Interested in drawing her?
Contact me, I'm ALWAYS looking smilies/icon_heart.gif
Yes I do buy, I also buy rlc.
I also have a male character but....
I can't find an artist to draw him D:
I gots art of him, need moar pls : D

always updated

Oh yea. I forgot here's where I'll list the song on my profile.
Song Currently on Profile:
Adele - One and Only

Like singing? Voice acting maybe?
Want to try one of the two or both?!!?
PM me! (or comment..)
I need some!
Maybe we can work something out that you're happy with!

feel free to add
Contact Info smilies/icon_exclaim.gif

Steam: Ms. Epic
League: Epic Crayons
FC: 1306-5934-3943
Kik: ms.epiic
Snapchat: ms.epiic

dats all I got for now
I'll get others later smilies/icon_exclaim.gif

Let's just say I'm on hiatus.
I'm usually only on my phone
and its to check updates.
Or dress up.