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GWAPITO KO on 01/15/2017

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GWAPITO KO on 01/15/2017


oh gods
okay here's a tad bit about me:
I luvs games
(I haven't played a lot of
sony/xbox ones due to a money thing tho D: !
which includes most "well-known"/ "loved" ones)
I'm a bit obsessed with league sorry to say xD
I am 21 years old.
I live in Texas
Uh I like reading yes smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

I'm a really kind and gentle person,
but I do not tolerate disrespect, I don't care
how nice you THINK you are or how edgy
if you're gonna be a mean rude a** b***h GTFO.
because I don't care who you are or
THINK you are, or who you are to someone else
I do not tolerate people not worth my time.
Also I smile a loooooooot
I'm very easily amused, so when
its serious time please let me know,
I'd hate to offend you somehow.

Oh yea I'd say I'm pansexual if anything,
however I really like men,
but I'm open to loving anyone
(hell i've already dated a few trans)
so don't give me s**t BL

Please don't delete me without warning if you add me,
but other than that feel free to add me through anything!
Its 420 Somewhere XD
Really Smooth

med school is all i care about now. im only 18 and ive been through enough emotional trauma to make a grown man cry but i want to help the world even if its ugly and i hope one day it happens
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Skype: Daliviand
Steam: Ms. Epic
League: NA: Epic Crayons. NA smurf: Ms Epic EUW: Ms Epic LAN: Ms Epic
FC: 1306-5934-3943
Kik: ms.epiic
Snapchat: ms.epiic

dats all I got for now
I'll get others later smilies/icon_exclaim.gif


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