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Gender: Female

Location: Virginia

Birthday: 09/25

Occupation: Residential Sales Assistant

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My name is Allie, I'm 18 year old and I blow the candles out on September 25th and I'm a true Virginia girl. My sign is Libra and I do tend to act a bit like a Libra should. I am a certified dog groomer and I absolutely adore my job. I work full time so I'm not around to much and I'm also in a devoted relationship with the man I love more than anything. He' my entire universe and some day I hope to marry him.
I have many pets; 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 1 guinea pig
The names:
Diddy, 15 year old ginger cat.
Ares, 4 month old Ginger cat.
Artemis, 4 month old Calico cat.
Jackson - 4 year old pure bred Black Lab.
Grumbles - 5 year old Jack Russel/Min Pin mix.
Gibbs - 1 year old Guinea pig

If you have any more question or would like to get to know me just shoot me a PM, I love making Friends. smile


Allie / 18 / Certified Dog Groomer / Virginia / Taken by the man of my dreams


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Disasterful Report | 05/19/2014 5:39 pm
lol what gives you your censored covers?
Disasterful Report | 05/19/2014 5:13 pm
yup not very good standing up legs... but if you want your avi to spread em when you're kneeling this is the one that does it!!
Disasterful Report | 05/19/2014 5:06 pm
lol the never ending need for gold! did you get your arms? you do know they do legs as well! if you bought them off the market what did you get yours for?
Disasterful Report | 05/18/2014 3:07 pm
Kama's Suggestion

lol you got me all excited bout all those goodies frozen in your account that I bought a bunch of GC and these were quick high priced sellers!!

I sold 3 of them off for 4.5billion each so I have some gold I am sitting on now... I am going to get serious about finding new hairstyles now...

and ugg... I think I am going to finally dust off that wishlist box of mine and finally put a few things I will let ppl know I want...

I don't want to fill it with crappy items... but my friend keeps telling me ppl keep gifting her the cheap items on her list...

I don't get that kind of help from others... my anons last night gifted me pancake stacks... banana splits... cheesecake... black socks!!

what a feast!!

pelohimder Report | 05/18/2014 9:16 am
Hi heart
Disasterful Report | 05/11/2014 3:36 pm
I talked with one... she was a 10th level and crafting something worth 500Billion!! I don't know if she was straight with me about it all... but she did explain it a bit to me so I know "KINDA" what I need to do... but getting to that 10th level is important... and it is going to cost a lot more than she said it would... but maybe I am just looking for the ingredients in the wrong place... MP had them but for way too much and then the end item crafted would be 1/20th of what I would have had to put into it... and then... I think you have to do 10 of those to get to 2nd level!! pardon my French but fuuk that!! AND... after you've gotten all your ingredients... the lower you are... the more likely you'll FAIL making whatever crap you would make... and have to spend more gold to try again with another attempt!! The higher you are... the more likely you'll succeed but then you have to create more of them to raise a level... so... a 5th level Alchemist doing a 4th level item will have to craft 20 times before going to 6th level... if I have a crap of gold sitting around I might give it a try BUT I don't know if I should... you don't have the kind of gold to do it either I think... even after selling your sweets!!
Disasterful Report | 05/11/2014 3:26 pm
have you done any of the Alchemist stuff?
Disasterful Report | 05/11/2014 3:12 pm
lol you were too young to be here!! blaugh but now you're the right age... I got here just after I turned 15!! there's so many nice things around now that it's a lot more interesting to dress our avis up now!! lol it's a lot more fun shaking a stick at the horny boys now too... lol sadly I am a flirt... but when it gets down to them wanting a back room lap dance I just tell them that I don't have that sort of privacy at my place to play those games!! are you a cb reg?? I keep finding dif things to do here... I thought about doing the Alchemy thing but it seems worse than these Crystal Ball rigs... all burned out and too expensive to get into and looks like i'd lose gold doing it!! Have you tried it??
Disasterful Report | 05/11/2014 2:58 pm
March 06 is when I got here... I steadily worked my butt off to get all the older MCs I could and pretty much got everything I wanted up to getting an OMG hat... the only quest that I never could catch was the DT!! so I gave up on it... left gaia for a while... came back played around cuz I had given up on the DT quest... then had my computer do a complete melt down... so I saved up to get a new computer and went without a computer for 2 years... dated a lot more!! blaugh got the computer I wanted and now I am back at gaia again... been back for about a month now... everything was crazy priced!! sold off most of my nice older MCs and got my Devil Tail!! just barely was able to hold onto my HotD!! so now I have very little left of those older MCs and I am willing to get rid of most of those now that there are some really nice newer items available!! the older ones all look poorly done by amateur artists... these newer items look... emotion_awesome

lol how long have you been around??
Disasterful Report | 05/11/2014 2:44 pm
lol I don't know most of the items on your wish list so I've been having to pull them up on the MP to try each one... your items aren't way too expensive actually... I mean... yea... a quarter of a billion seems like a lot but there are plenty of items that are way over that!! you're going to have everything on you wish list in no time at all!! emotion_awesome you're so lucky!!

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