"Greetings fellow writing club member, this is a reminder letting you know that you have not yet registered in a story or posted poems or anything related to writing in the group. A warning will be issued in the next two months if you do not post anything at all or contribute to being part of the group. The limit for inactivity in the group is 4 months. We do not want to ban you, but since the group is full of inactive people, we will have no choice but to do so. We are always posting announcements on stories that have just been created, have open spots, or are looking for people. Please read the announcements and keep an eye out for those. Group activity counts as any of the following:
-Posting comments or remarks on someone's poem or individual story
-Creating a story in writing extravaganza OR joining one.
-Participating in writing contests (writing contests always have rewards for winning them)
-Applying for a story slot (your very own subforum), getting it, and writing a story with other in it. (For more info on story slots, go to the old announcements and look it up.)
-Posting in the general forums about anything that has to do with writing, or just conversation about stories or certain characters with your friends in the writing club.

Sincerely, the writing club captain."