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I'm an adult. I look like a teen. I act like a child. I have the habits of an elderly. I'm all over the age map.

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Dream Avis

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Lucifers Wings

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Bling Mood Bubble Accessory
Moonlight Silverstene (Eyes)
Lamenting Lucie (Young Lady\'s Lipstick)

Name: Warped Skittles
Nicknames: Mapa, Ivy, Rainbow, Warp, Skits, Skitty, Warpy, Skitz, Skitzy,Skit
Age: 22
Status: Taken&CompletelyHis.
Obsessed With: Skittles

(♡ = Like; ☽ = Dislike)
♡ Rainbows
♡ zOMG
♡ Art
♡ Joking Around
♡ Skittles!♥
♡ Reading
♡ Music
♡ Korean Dramas
♡ Disney Movies

☽ Dishonest People
☽ Bugs That Fly
☽ Chocolate(Unless It Has Peanut Butter.)
☽ 'Higher Than You' Attitudes
☽ Attention Seekers
☽ Arguing
☽ Indirect Attacks

-Spaces Off Randomly
-Loyal To Friends
-Selfish When It Comes To Skittles. (> > Mine.)
-AFKs A Lot. And At Random. Blame Distractions.
-Typo Magnet.
-Socially Inept.
-Socially Awkward.
- . . . Just Socially Handicapped.
-Gets Sleepy Pretty Early
-Becomes Delusional If Attempting To Fight Sleep

I hate writing this section. I don't know what I could possibly say about myself. I consider myself to be a very boring person because I rarely share common interests with people here. I don't leave good first impressions. My second, third, and fourth won't be any better. I lack social skills 95% of the time. Because of that lack of skills, I don't greet strangers often. It takes a while for me to feel comfortable around a new friend. Unless I meet you in my rare 5% stage.
One thing about me, if you see me being rude to someone, don't take me seriously. Chances are, I know the person I'm being rude to, and I'm only joking around.
I'm always on zOMG. Hopping from server to server usually. Towns? Wat are towns? I don't go there. Ever. Don't ask why, I have no real reason except too many strangers.

I really don't know what else to say. So I'll finish by warning you about the people on my profile. They are the people I consider closest to me in one way or another. I may hate arguing & talking to strangers, but for them, I will go into my Mama Bear mode & chew anybody out. The only time I refuse to step in, is when the arguing is between friends. So please don't try to mess with them in any way, shape, or form.

So that's it for now. You'll either like me or dislike. We'll either be friends or forever strangers. It's really up to you. Despite my lack of social skills, I'm easy to get along with.
I don't clean out my friends list due to laziness, so if you ever want to de-friend, do it yourself.

Art Received

From TinierMe
(note; Artists are unnamed because TinierMe no longer exists, if you see your art up here, PM me your username from Tinierme & I'll give credit to your Gaia username, I ask for the TM username to make sure I don't give credit to someone else.)
[x] © Cioccolato Cuore
[x] © Cioccolato Cuore
[x] ©ichibiusa25
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From Gaia
[x] ©Sadlyfe
[x] ©Lil Changling
[x] ©Nutty J o k e r Twit
[x] ©yuukii93
[x] ©Lorennland
[x] ©GalateasFire
[x] ©pants overrated
[x] ©JDToxic_Reload
[x] ©BuggleSoul
[x] ©ooscarlettoo
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Christmas e-Card From Fluffy♥
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I always love receiving art♥
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The Girl Behind The Rainbow
Quack. Quack. Meow.



Even though Gaia is mean * deleted what I had written down for you, I'm just going to do what I've done the times I've written this section for you & speak from my heart. We've only been together a short amount of time, but I've enjoyed every second of it. When we met, I never suspected for even a second that you would end up stealing my heart, although truth be told, you didn't really steal it, I gave it to you willingly. When I felt something stir in my heart when I was around you, I figured the feelings would eventually cease if I stayed away. But no matter how much I told myself to stay away, I couldn't do it. There was something pulling me towards you. And while I thought that I was keeping my feelings a secret from you, you had already figured everything out. The day I told you how I felt about you, I was nervous as heck, and even though I told you that you couldn't reject me because it couldn't be treasted as a confession yet, the truth is you had a chance to put a stop to my feelings for you. When you didn't, a glimmer of hope began to grow inside. And surely enough, within a few days, you pretty much responded to my feelings by "officially" confessing to me. I don't have an ounce of regret in the choices I took to allow my feelings for you grow. You have proved to me time & time again just how patient you are with my slow dimwitted side and my jealous side, which can be a persistent little b***h sometimes. But not once have you given me reason to doubt you or how you feel about me. You've turned out to be someone I had been looking for, someone who's kind, caring, sweet, but can be a jerk, loves to joke around, and will take serious matter seriously without question. I love you Bruno. You've given me a love I had not experienced before. You passed my expectations on how I pictured us to be. When we first started dating, I told myself I would enjoy our "now" and not worry for a future because of our distance. And now, slowly but surely, I find myself trying to find a way to see a future for us. It's going to be hard, but you're worth it. Someone like you, I'm not sure I'll find again, and I don't want to try & find out if I can. You're the peanut butter to my jelly, you're the butterflies I feel in my belly, You're the hero & I'm your sidekick, you're the captain & I'm your first mate. I'll always be by your side to help you face any troubles, to enjoy the good times, to support you no matter what. For as long as you'll allow me, aqui estare. Te amo.♥

"It's been a while since I don't feel this way.
The words are in my mouth, but I just can't say.
When I'm with you, I'm speechless. I can't speak.
And without you, I might get sick.

If things ever turn around, and I gather the courage to say everything I feel,
And I can do anything for you,
I want you to know I will.

When I look into your eyes,
I can see more than I want to see.
I can see the perfect woman.
Which is the perfects one for me.

Whatever I can do for you.
Whatever I can you for us.
I want you to see too,
That we can be the perfect two"


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♥The Best Day♥


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All Your Skittles Are Mine. Pls. Ty.

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