Name: Mrs. R, Mrs Ridonk, or my whole username. Once you get to know me better you will know my name and get the chance to give me a nickname
Status: Very much so single lol
Age: 21 atm
Birthday: December 28th
Occupation(s): Personal Care Worker (I take care of the elderly) and Achievement Whore on 360
Location: Canada b***h
Member Since: Jan 2006 (Original Account was lost because I forgot the pass)
Game Systems I own: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox360, Nintendo DS (Lime Green Edition)
Current Games I'm Playing/Finishing: Finishing Gears of War 3 (71/82 achievements earned so far) , Alice: Madness Returns.
Obsessions: L4D<3, Diablo II<3, Chrono Trigger, Metroid<3, Gears of War, Star Wars, Guitar Hero , Borderlands, Zombies, ANYTHING creepy, and other such things I can't remember right now!!

GET OUTTA HERE YOU STALKER! D< Oh dear... I'm sorry I thought you were Stalker Cat or Mr. Sneakerton. xD

Wanna know about me? You sure. You crazy person. I'm a huge b***h. What can I say I like eating salads smilies/icon_cool.gif. Potty mouth *raises hand* I am extremely guilty for that one. I swear constantly and I never know I'm swearing oO GO MOTHER ******** PROFANITY! 8D
I am a hardcore gamer girl. Don't like it? Then Gtfo.
I am in love with Left 4 Dead!! Zombies complete me <3 ESPECIALLY the Boomer! (: <3 I would marry him if I could! <3

I have a hardcore addiction to the Diablo series. Oh yes I went there. I used to play on B.net a lot I was known as Serenitysangel and many other accounts xP but now I play a private server called Median with a very good friend of mine.
I love anime I don't have time for it anymore lately. T _ T
Music is my life and so are games if you haven't figured that one out.
I hate and dislike most humans but you may come to like me? Maybe xD

My Close Friends just look @ my friends list.

I also have a Gaia family (:
Big Brother- T3h G33ko
Daughters- d-oeuvre <3, Ophyalic, luigirules64, C h a o l i a, Bake-mono Bara, Kikyo-Shan09
Sons- Super Mega Toast <3 :]
I popped a lot of babies outta my internet v****a ;D xD
That's some skills mang xD

Donators. Check my Journal for that s**t and the list of games, music, anime/manga, and movies that I love. And also my fav artists on Gaia.

Picture is quite recent on me Feb 2011 to be exact!

And Yes that is my Blue Yoshi. He doesn't have a name yet but my sister bought him for me for X-mas :] I loooooveee him <3


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Thank ya boo <3

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aww thank you sweetie ^^ ... you too happy 4th of july <3
l Myu l

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l Myu l

Nuu,i thank your for the lowest price <3 have a wonderfull day

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Thank you!!
Burn Halo

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Burn Halo

I get you!
Burn Halo

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Burn Halo

I might star to dedicate some time to gaia again smile

I might open my shop again! But Bribes only wink
L l X l E

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L l X l E

Thank you <3

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Thanks boo~ Same to you, but yours hasn't changed~

Yeaaahhh I really adore this hair man. I've got all 3 colors, although I don't use the brown too much. I should though, eventually.

It seems I can really only create black avatars these days mostly with what I've got in my inventory.

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Thanks boo <3
dino hugs

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dino hugs

Hahaha I so have and its so sad.... xp
Its not even hard to get gold now haha x)
Got like 300m in one day.
But all the stuff I've been selling is like from 2006 so I'm not shocked xD

Um so hey beautiful do you have a facebook c:


All the cool kids hang out here. ;3