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First off anyone crushing o; click here if you are~

any questions? o; Ask me questions b***h <3

Name: Abby
Age: 17
Height: 5'0 ( yes ik im short ;w; )
Sexuality: Pansexual (meaning i love people for who they are not what)
Relationship status: Taken and Engaged to the most amazing guy ever and I love him so much <3

Hey there c: So my names Abby, you can call me that or Poyo. I'm a very outgoing person although when you first meet me I am shy as hell. I love anime and drawing. I am a kind person but rub me off the wrong way and i will be a b***h to you. I don't take people's s**t so don't ******** things up. I'm currently in a very happy and loving relationship. If you flirt, touch, or constantly stare at my boyfriend i will kill you.

Victor~ you have been the best boyfriend so far and you're always so kind and understanding, i'm still so surprised we are finally dating, after so long...over a year, so many years of feelings, you're finally mine...I love you so much and I'll never let anyone get between us. You mean the world to me and no one will ever take your place, you have been my best friend for forever and no matter what you always helped me. You're so silly and such a dork and just so amazing...I could never have asked for anyone better <3

Currently trying to get this avatar, please help

My Bubblegum Heart

Bubblegum Biscuit

Extravagant Elegant Chouchou Curls

Bubblegum Adorkable Bea

Bubblegum Mad Marionette

Astra: Bubblegum Ascending Wings

Mysterious Siblings
Misakii Mei
Mr Poyo
ll MissingCookie ll
Shadow Da wolf
Mrs Poyo
Vault 101 Resident
Viktor Richtofen
Kid Poyo
Vault 101 Resident
Happeh Poyo
I VonSan I

My lovelies tho, they have a special place in my heart and I love them very much

Poyo Squad Yo

my son <3