most people call me ⓑ ⓔ ⓣ ⓗ ⓨ
bc im bad with remembering.
Kurt is all qt n stuff.
Sexual Preference: Kurt
State: The Palmetto State.//south carolina
i rlly like reading.
fall out boy is my obsession.
i played the flute for 5 years.
ghost are p chill.
i'm a sophomore in highschool ok.
Likes:Tall nerdy guys , Homestuck, Kurt, Puns, Bands, School, Kawaii & pastel things.
Fries b4 guys.
Music taste: Punk rock and metal and acoustic stuff.
I rlly like Jack Johnson.
Turning 16 on july 10th. holla.
turn the sound up n listen to my beautiful profile music.
Kyo is p cool.
pizza for all ayeee.


mrs dorklett
Mr Dorklett