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You can call me Bunni.

I was born on May 9th, probably my favorite day of the year.

I look something like this.

I'm a college junior, and I am a Nursing major. It's been a rocky road figuring out what I want to do, but I know this is right for me.

I'm pretty easy to get along with, and if I don't like you, you will probably never know.

I love Comedy Central Presents, penguins, Transformers, The Big Bang Theory, Futurama, the IT Crowd, fireworks, hot coco, mashed potatoes, s'mores, handcuffs, music, blankets, snow, movie theaters, friends, laying in the grass, looking at the stars, gem stones, sleeping, walking in the cold after the gym, lemon desserts, cherries, flowers, and hugs.

I don't like wearing dresses, getting up early, doing homework, being cold, rude people, onions, working out, or bad erasers that smear your paper.

Hiccups are my pet peeve. I get violent.

Contrary to popular belief, I am terrible with affection. I suck at hugs, and touching people makes me feel awkward. But I've gotten better at it.

I am ridiculously shy unless you know me. Then I'm loud and perverted.

I want everyone to be happy. I fall hard and fast when I fall in love.

I love my friends. You may feel awkward saying "I love you" but I'm not, and if it's the best way to portray how I'm feeling, I'll say it. Love isn't just about romance.

I love to draw, but I am years out of practice and kind of lazy.

What I want out of life, is relevance.

I like to arrive places early.

There is a certain British raccoon whom I consider the same side to my coin, my mutated froot loop, and brain twin.

I expect the worst but hope for the best.

At my worst, I am very jealous, impossibly stubborn, I hold a grudge, I'm cold, I run away from my problems, I'm lazy, and unreasonable.

At my best, I'm very kind and giving, incredibly patient, a good listener, and a generally pleasant person to be around.

I adore my pets, and I love my family. I procrastinate everything, but I always get my work done. I'm the last to know what I'm thinking, and I often use songs to describe how I think I'm feeling. I live in organized chaos, and I like it that way.

I'm in love.

Gender is just another word in the dictionary.

I'm very down to earth, but my head is always in the clouds. I'm a bit of a space case, so you'll have to excuse my stupid questions.


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DEADMAN BISHOPP Report | 03/25/2014 3:12 pm
Go for it. :T

DEADMAN BISHOPP Report | 03/25/2014 3:05 pm
Darling you are help me find items for my avatar? ; u ;

Not buy just find.
DEADMAN BISHOPP Report | 03/25/2014 10:40 am
I love you.
DEADMAN BISHOPP Report | 02/19/2014 4:20 pm
DEADMAN BISHOPP Report | 02/19/2014 4:18 pm
*Angel angle.. whatever. ; u ;
DEADMAN BISHOPP Report | 02/19/2014 4:17 pm
Love you my darling angle baby butt. emotion_kirakira
Miasma Report | 02/04/2014 5:13 pm
It's been ages since I've given mine any kind of serious updating. It's still more or less the same things from... well... ages past. Yeah. =w=
I tweak little things here and there, though, if I feel it necessary.
Miasma Report | 02/03/2014 10:08 pm
Me? No. I just kind of wandered here.
I'm not crazy, I swear. I just happen to like browsing profiles, and then I comment on the ones that interest me.
Miasma Report | 02/03/2014 2:30 pm
Ever procrastinated so hard that you become too lazy to BE lazy, and just sort of sit there, locked in a type of stasis?
Murcielago Kuroko Report | 01/21/2014 8:26 pm
Murcielago Kuroko
well her occupation is a hitman who uses gun-fu technique, her wings give her the ability to accelerate her movements when doing mid air maneuvers


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