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Report | 08/05/2017 1:06 pm


gaia_crown Thank you so much. Sorry i didn't on my birthday i been so busy. With work and moving again.
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Report | 08/05/2017 9:55 am

Huckleberry charm

lmao thanks, you too!
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Report | 07/27/2017 5:39 pm

Neriahs Rinera

Why, thank you kindly, Endyimon. I was a lion shifter, always will be a lion shifter. *smiles*
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Report | 07/25/2017 2:55 pm


And you have a nice day as well ^.^
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Report | 07/25/2017 6:32 am


is crazy that No sun...How many months do u have the sun? I would find it very depressing ... Always in the dark ...
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Report | 07/24/2017 4:35 pm


heart yeah sweetie! Thanks a lot! How are you? heart
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Report | 07/23/2017 9:43 pm


O wow... I can't imagine ..sorry it's past midnight .. heart
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Report | 07/22/2017 8:49 pm


aww thanks baby! emotion_kirakira I love you kingendymion avatar is so elegant heart heart heart

How have you been darling? heart
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Report | 07/22/2017 8:43 pm


aww thanks a lot darling emotion_bigheart it means a lot to me your support emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

Please let me know when your cosplay is on arenas so i can give you 5 stars of love back heart heart
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Report | 07/18/2017 11:25 pm

ll Chibimoon ll

thanks i call it Pop Sensation Chibiusa-des! ^_^ i decided to change myself in to a pop singer ^_^
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Report | 07/13/2017 7:33 am

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal

Oh i see
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Report | 07/11/2017 5:18 am

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal

Hey you're a great dad too! Its hot here in Iowa, its not a dry hot but a shitty-humid-sweaty hot. Last night it rained and the weather radio went off woke up me and scared the crap out of me. In my city during the winter its common for us to get blizzards, back in elementary school, 3rd 4th 5th and i think 7th and 9th grade we had a really bad blizzard each year and school was canceled a lot, its pretty common here for school to be canceled during the winter. I remember one year they canceled school for a few days because we had a ice storms, it rained and EVERYTHING was coated with a thin layer of ice. I thought it had melted and i went outside and went to jump off the first stair and i fell on my butt and it hurt really bad, i was struggling to get back up the stairs LOL!! Usually during the winter when they say a snow storm is coming everyone rushes to the store and buys food and half the time the storm isn't that bad. One time we got snow that was almost up to my knees, i tried to go out and shovel and i was like "******** THIS s**t! NO ONE SHOULD BE WALKING OUT HERE ANYWAYS SO THEIRS NO POINT OF SHOVELING THIS s**t" because you have to shovel the sides walks or else you get a notice from the city and its worse if the mailman falls they can sue you but it was so bad no one was outside anyways and it took like 2 weeks for half of it to melt. Anyways i love you daddy - Chibiusa
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Report | 07/10/2017 7:57 pm


I am glad to hear that. It's alrighty, work comes first, then playing User Image
I hope all of your wishes come true your majesty ^^
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Report | 07/08/2017 6:15 am

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal

I might ask my real life dad to buy it for me for Christmas then. Maybe we can play together. Anyways I talk to momma she told be her laptop charger burns her pc. I'm going to my real life dads house here soon, I will stay the night and come home tomorrow. I can't wait to see my big brother, I hope he buys me candy. One time he asked me if i wanted to go to the store and i said yes and so he drove me to the store and when he got inside we went to the candy aisle and he started filling up the cart with candy. it was fun, when we came back my dad was like "holy crap that's a a lot of candy!" we only filled the cart up like 1/4 but it seemed like alot when we was checking it out at the cashier, the cashier was giving us weird looks My big brother spoils me, I love him <3
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Report | 07/07/2017 10:02 pm

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal

I want that game!!1! heart heart
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Report | 07/02/2017 9:05 pm


Hello, your majesty~! User Image
Why thank you very much~ User Image
It has been quite a while. Hopefully you have been well User Image

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Report | 06/30/2017 7:32 pm


I soon have to go to bed....work in the morning Dx
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Report | 06/29/2017 4:38 pm

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal's avatar

Report | 06/28/2017 11:03 pm

Sailor Chibi Moon Crystal

Do you have Animal crossing: New leaf? I want the pokedex game in the store they have really bad. My 3DS is red so i was gonna buy decals and make it look like a pokedex
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Report | 06/28/2017 9:35 pm


I am Reimu Hakurei from Touhou. PC-98 version.
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