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You wanted to know more about Pyong aye?

I'm glad Pyong spiked your interest enough to read this cause why would I be writing it if you weren't trying to get in with this guy. It's important to find someone you can trust when life turns its ugly face and spoiler alert my real name isn't Pyong it's in fact Adam, but unless I'm sleeping with you please call me Pyong. Try not to take what I say too seriously, because I don't use this site to be serious and if you do I'm sorry for you. I'm 22, bald, furry. psychology major and I want to be a rehab counselor which is looking more like a possible future day by day. I love talking nonsense, if you want to ramble stupidly with someone you came to the right place. I'll leave it at that for now, you know how to find out more.

Pyong to the best of my knowledge