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Names are irrelephant so call me Jess or J.
My name on gaia is Mr Olifant.
It's dutch for Mr Elephant.
Have been know as:
Madam Mikiri, Dolcastira, The French Confession, Der Duckling and bf pls
I'm old enough that's all you need to know.
I like food. I need caffine.
I run alot, From police and other crazies.

I currently live in England - 'ELLO GOV'NA
I just had tea with the queen and it got alittle crazy.
I speak English, Dutch and Japanese.
I love accents, Especially american(heart)

~Cassia is my heart~Jomar is my butthole~Dani is my tumor~

The love hearts are my art work~
Take a look..



ChamomiIe Tea
Mr Olifant
Mrs Olifant

Wait for the music

Please don't go, please don't go.. I love you so, I love you so..