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Name: Isaac H.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 139lb.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Personality: Level head, Reasonable, Protective, Passive Aggressive
Religion: I don't like to be categorized.
Outlook On Life: Life, as far as we know, it only happens once. So enjoy it.
Dream: Excel in English so I may get a scholarship in English.
Account Class: Junior
Account Age: May 3rd, 2008(1st account)
Likes:Newbies, Friends, Classical/rock music, sweet tea(Pour that sugar in there), video games, books.

Dislikes: Noobs, squishy foods (Like most fruits), and other stuff. Meh.


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Lord Drizz Report | 05/23/2014 12:54 pm
Lord Drizz
Nah, i'm good~~ xD
Lord Drizz Report | 05/23/2014 12:43 pm
Lord Drizz
Just being funneh~~
Lord Drizz Report | 05/23/2014 12:34 pm
Lord Drizz
Hm~? Not at all~~
Lord Drizz Report | 05/20/2014 9:46 pm
Lord Drizz
Oh~~ I don't do rally's and the like~ xD
Lord Drizz Report | 05/20/2014 9:43 pm
Lord Drizz
I usually around~~
Lord Drizz Report | 05/20/2014 9:31 pm
Lord Drizz
Thank you for the offer dear, but I can manage~ <3 I just need to clear out the junk is all~
Lord Drizz Report | 05/20/2014 8:42 pm
Lord Drizz
Just things in general~ Nothing in particular. xD
Crimson-Valkyrie Report | 04/23/2014 7:50 pm
Aww!! Kitty!! that's wonderful! I am so happy for you! whee
I bet she's awesome! OuO and of course its a plus when you are able to be with her physically!
Crimson-Valkyrie Report | 04/19/2014 9:46 am
That's totally fine! biggrin I understand you have a life haha
Crimson-Valkyrie Report | 02/13/2014 12:25 pm
Hey Kitty! Your Avi looks super cute! biggrin Awesome job!