Name: Cheshire
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 6
Eyes: Changes to often to recall
Hair: Purple
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Humanoid/cat
Crimes: Murder, Theft, Cannibalism and the occasion catnapping.
Special Features: Claws, fanged teeth pointed ears and purrs every so often. Has a number of scares along his body either from his own self mutilation or harm from others.
Skills: Invisibility, reshape body, transportation, metamorphosis, Feline Tongue, Feline Mind:whenever something shiny catches his attention or else revert feline curiosity and be forced to check shining object out, despite any obvious danger doing so. Cheshire has always been a master of magic and illusions, he has even practiced at art of conning on many people even going as far as stealing the identity of The Hatter on more than one occasion.

Alice _____________

Chesh was always a very jealous man when it came to the affection of Alice, when she took the liking of Jervis he was very determined to pull them both apart even going to the extent of posing as either or to create conflict. This soon passed when he grew tired of the game and realized that both had to much conflict to begin with that he need not interfere at all, if anything to redeem himself he tired to smooth the cracks they crated with each other. Chesh does care much about Alice and that of Jervis seeing as he is an old friend and does much to please his friends but most of all he enjoyed spending time with Alice.

They keep me sane:
* Tea
* Books
* Quiet
* Jervis' Hat
* Music
* Alice

I'd kill on sight:
x Anything or one that pulls on his tail
x Rats
x Prostitutes
x Depressing people

Some nifty fan art: Thanks to all
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Report | 11/01/2016 8:08 pm


<3 I'm sorry but I've been quite topsy turvy lately. Thank you for appearing in my castle during my absence.
Sweet Vittoria

Report | 10/18/2016 10:10 pm

Sweet Vittoria

Well now, Thankyou for the greets kitty :3 and how are you?
Miss Mockery

Report | 09/17/2016 7:04 pm

Miss Mockery

I have missed you my dear friend, its good to have you back. *hugs* how have you been?
Miss Mockery

Report | 09/06/2016 7:04 pm

Miss Mockery

CHESH! *huggles*
Odd Cinderella

Report | 09/03/2016 5:52 am

Odd Cinderella

Lol. It's only temporary. But, thank you
Odd Cinderella

Report | 09/02/2016 6:27 am

Odd Cinderella

Odd Cinderella

Report | 08/21/2016 9:52 am

Odd Cinderella

Whoa. Your new Chesha look...interesting. 3nodding
Miss Mockery

Report | 06/13/2016 9:08 pm

Miss Mockery

I didn't I di however wear my Harley clothes, shirt, shoes, leggings. got asked where I got the shirt lol
Miss Mockery

Report | 06/13/2016 11:00 am

Miss Mockery

I had my harley quinn outfit which was a shirt soes and leggings. Everybody loved my outfit though. I am going to dress up next year though. As what yet i dunno but i am thinking maybe twilight sparkle.
Miss Mockery

Report | 06/13/2016 5:06 am

Miss Mockery

I have narcolepsy and I'm not allowed to drive cuz of it, hell even going out is hard for me but I try my best to sleep during the night so it don't affect me as bad during the day. I can fall asleep walking, and have almost done so shopping, I went back out to the car to sleep while my mom finished shopping and on several other occasions as well but I was home when those happened so I went to crash on the couch. and this is the first time the comic con has come to my states capital. sure my state has other cons but those are like in Philly and that's a few good hours away, atleast I'm only like an hour or so away from the capital.


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