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Branellie Report | 01/13/2014 10:06 am
Hey!!! cat_blaugh
Branellie Report | 12/10/2012 1:12 am
Amaz!ng!! biggrin *Hugs* How are you?!
Kawaiigaara Report | 05/24/2012 6:53 pm
Lol nah, no more dates for a while xDDD
I'm a bit hesitant now, to go out D:
Kawaiigaara Report | 05/23/2012 9:44 pm
Aw, well aren't you a sweetie ^o^
I'm okay though, no worries c:
At least I now know that that's not the type of guy I wish to date o:

Kawaiigaara Report | 05/13/2012 11:06 pm
I'm surprised Buddie didnt tell you o:
So, I went to the library which is where I was supposed to meet him. I waited a while and before he showed up, I ran into one of my friends. Her name is Brandi btw. So Brandi and I were talking and that's when John, the guy I was meeting, showed up. He saw us, came over greeted us and we all talked. So Brandi was telling me how she had volunteered today to pass out free comics to the kids. Cuz I guess Cinco de Mayo is a national free comic book day. So John was like: Oh that sounds fun. Hey La'Shawn, do you want to help her before we leave?
I didn't have a problem with it so we all congregated over to the childrens section, told the librarians we were all volunteering and then helped them set up the area. I was in charge of this one game while John and Brandi teamed up for another game. I must tell you right now, the kids were the highlight of my 'date'. They were so cute, between the ages of 2-11. Oh some even had on superhero costumes like Spiderman, Green Lantern and a couple Batmans and iron mans. With the game I had, the kids won candy if they played it and some were just so cute I snuck them extra ^^ After all the kids had finished playing the game I was stationed at, a few came back and I taught them how to fingerspell their name. Like I said, it was the highlight of my date and no, I barely even got to talk with the boy. He was too busy with Brandi -.-
So after we all finished with the kids, John told me he was hungry. So I was thinking: Oh ok. This means we're going to go out to eat. So you can imagine my surprise when Brandi said: Oh can I come too?
John of course seemed delighted by this idea and said it was completely fine with him. So I kept my negative thoughts to myself and just grinned and bear it. But what's funny is she KNEW I was supposed to be going on a date with John. So I was surprised she even insinuated herself into this whole thing.
Anywho, we ended walking about a mile this restaurant that he wanted to eat at. The whole way she flirted with him (and me sometimes) and he flirted back. Didn't feel like a date, felt more like I was the third wheel to THEIR date -.-
So we made it to the restaurant and we got a booth. He sat opposite me while she sat next to him. Conversation was weird. I really wanted to leave and just go home but there was this really hot white guy bus boy cleaning tables and he kept walking back and forth doing his job and so I enjoyed the view ^^ Oh yah, by this time I've given up on John XP
So after we ate, he took her hand and we left. So right now, I'd decided to go home. But Brandi was all: Oh hey let's go to the park!
Unfortunately I'm a people pleaser and its sometimes hard for me to voice how I really feel so I just said: W/e and then we all went to the park.
I swung on the swings while he and her got all close and flirted more and were just plain annoying. I had to suffer like this for the next three hours until it was getting too late and I truly needed to go home. So they walked me to the bus stop and John had the nerve to tell me this was the weirdest date ever. So I looked at him and said: This was no date :/
And he was like: Oh cuz of Brandi?
I'm like: Yeah! (I was thinking-what are you an idiot?)
And he was lik: It's not like I invited her.
I wanted to hit im so badd -.-
But whatever, I only went on the date to give him a chance or whatever--if I had actually liked him, he would have heard some choice words from me! And they wouldn't have been very nice. But all in all, I got free food and got to play with the cutest kids ever so I'm fine.
Worst date ever -.-
Kawaiigaara Report | 05/04/2012 7:53 pm
I made up with Felipe <3
And I have a date tomorrow O.O
Kawaiigaara Report | 05/02/2012 6:43 pm
Sounds like you've been talking to Buddie ¬¬
I'm not asking for alot here lol
He's a fast typer, similar to me
And I'm not asking for a frikkin bible.
Most of his chapters are under 2k words!
Dude! That's nothing! -.-
And I'm wasn't even mean! -o-
I lied, I didn't replace him but I do like my friend xD
I can't replace him, (even though he's being a lame right now) love that boy c;
He's a great friend, I miss him </3
And w/e, hang with ya'lls moms xDDD
I never thought I'd be excited about school lol
But I am <:
I'm happy she's excited too lol ^w^
Kawaiigaara Report | 05/01/2012 2:48 pm
Oh wow!
That's really exciting!! ^w^
I'm happy your (dormant) character
also likes to travel in the B.A.L.D story :>
But a lot has happened.
First off, my gf, (haha it's who Buddie calls my gay brazilian friend living in England that's a boy)
Is being a douche right now!
He's upset because I kept pestering him for this story he owes me. >.<
We had a deal though!
He promised that if I wrote him a story (even dug deep to write an effing sex scene between two guys!)
he would update his Naruto yaoi on fanfiction ^o^
I wrote him his story WEEKS ago and I'm STILL waiting on his story!
So when I asked for it, he's all: Blah blah I'm busy with work (lies, he comes home after 6 hours)
I'm spending time with my mom (You loser! You're 23! Your mom doesn't wanna spend time with you)
And I'm doing other stuff (You jackass! Stop playing video games and write my frikkin story!)
So I said: Why dont you type now?
And he's like: Cuz I'm on skype talking to you.
Me: *sigh* As much as I love talking to you, I reeeeally want the story. Type now d:
Me: Are you an idiot?
Him: Ok! I see how it is! I'm not getting on skype til I finish! *disappears for over TWO WEEKS!!*
Effin bum is still missing.
Idc, I've replaced him (sorta, I miss/hate/miss/hate/miss/hate him so much >o< )
I have this cali friend ^///^
Instead of talking to Felipe, I've been talking to him.
I call him Mr. Cali man. (But his name is Martin)
and he's really cool :>
He's my age btw, a month older than me in fact ^^
I wish he didn't live in cali though </3
Um, but enough about him....
So school-wise,
I will most likely be finishing the semester with three A's and a frikkin C cuz my English prof is INSANE! >O<
But I'm happy about my classes (Undeserved though. Two of my A's is because my prof is VERY lazy and the last A is in my major which I love)
I do love ASL <3
I'm getting really good too!!! >:3
Next semester though...I'm taking 6 classes X____X
It's ALL classes I wanna take ^___^
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm going to the western campus (in Parma o.O )
And I'm taking 4 classes from 9am-1:50pm.
I'm going to have to leave my house though at 6:21 and be on the road for a while to get there via bus :I
But its worth it. I do love ASL and I'll take the long journey to get there >w<
Then on Tuesdays and Thursday I'll be going from Metro campus to the Eastern campus
Ceramics and then creative writing :}
I have a class with Buddie!!!
I haven't had a class with that girl in over 4 years TT^TT
I can't wait for us to be in the same class again :]
But yeah class again starts at 9:00 and I won't be done with classes till 2:15 >w<
I can do it though!!
So yeah, that's like, the main stuff I needed to update ya on :3
Comments? XD
Kawaiigaara Report | 04/29/2012 8:23 pm
LOL you're so funny xD
And thank you ^w^
We need to talk!
I have so much to catch you up on >:3
Kawaiigaara Report | 03/04/2012 2:48 pm
Lol well you should stop worrying.
But thanks for caring <3

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