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Mournful Madness


Last Login: 09/29/2014 9:40 pm

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/30


The name's Anne, 17, Female, Straight

Eccentric | Elusive | Mad


With the Jokers and Mad Hatters

Harleen Quinzel and Alice Liddell

Take me to underland


You can't keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you're still in hell.

The pointy, bitey little thunderbolts. Unwanted party crashers, screamers through your synapses. Inescapable, unrelenting... not at all friendly. You can't even escape into madness!

Madness is not a state of mind.


If you wanna know more, don't be afraid to PM me. I'm quite easy to get along with.

Well, most of the time anyway.


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Laxus Excubare

My Gaia Bro.