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Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/10

true s**t

[size=18]my name is: Kimberly

age: 15

friends make me laugh and personalities are what i like in people the best. <3

you know my name not my story
don't judge me and i wont judge you </3

sometimes going through things that u hide behind a different personality can make you stronger than other people. </3

favorite colors: blue, black, red, white and green

tbh people who treat me like s**t or tell me i can do better well lets put it this way they said that because they probably couldn't do better than me.

so much bull s**t in this world happening. smilies/icon_stare.gif

i was born in Cali. grew up in Cali. umm well my parents are divorced and my dad is putting me, my mom and my 5 siblings through some tough bullshit so if u try putting me down... n***a it aint gunna work. i don't cry as easily because of my dad lmao. the bullshit that happens. i also try to show you the bright side of me. so you'll rarely see me talking about this so um yeah now that you know more about me go ahead and add me. n_n emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

oh also buy my items nigs <3 [;

i dont try to impress anyone so if u dont like me then i got my middle finger to impress you. if u like me we are true niggas <3 ^-^

if you dont want my bad side then follow these rules

1. stop being fake
2. stop being fake
3. stop being fake


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smd m8
relax bae
floral lacee

shes the one i can always talk to about anything and she is one of my best friends. i can go to her when i need to tell someone about my problems and also she is someone who can cheer me up she has always been with me through thick and thin thanks anna. <3

tbh idgaf for who doesnt like me for who i am they can hate imma just be here watching them make a fool out of themselves n_n <3

sorry if my pro is boring >.<

avi art by: wutt <3 [:

shes the bruh and bae she said yes to marrying me ;o ******** yeah <3