about mosdefanie.

*Just go comb your beard I dont want to hear this s**t.

by Midnight Treat

lets see

my alter ego is Stephanie
my age is 21
my current location is 3rd most wanted country to live in.

-Who cares if you disagree? You are not me. Who died and made you the king of anything?

about steph.

- You said this is the first day of your life, Im so glad I didnt die before I met you.

Want to know me? lets talk O; Im to lazy to get to indepth about myself but Im generally a nice person, love to talk, Im normally on gaia once a day atleast, I draw alot and watch seasons of shows when Im bored. I really want to go back to school soon so thats what Im working towards. for now thats about all I can think of, So after all that wanna be friends?O;

My cats <3 -RIP jc D: <3
My friends.
The 90s.
Necro Ft. Ill bill
The beatles
friendly people
Avi art of the free varity.
Smoking like a chimney.( Im a hazard to myself, dont let me get me )
Drinking to get drunk.
Glasses <3
And soo on....
-Your spine cracks in 3D like IMax, Your not Superman no more,Feel the pain climax.*

Life long dream to own, Winged anklets. And Now I do.Thanks to everyone who helped me out [:

New goal?
Everything and anything off my wishlist O;

Im also collecting ocean summer tops. 25g each.
ocean summer tops-343/100,000

thanks to-Himeko_Usagi-Chan
they have all donated more ocean summer tops than I can even remember O; you guys are the best.

I booty grabbing my way to seal slippers in two weeks. thought you ought to know.

Booty Grabbing my way to Kandi Kitten 345k/1.5mil.

[b]New art O;
I have more in my journal aswell ( Im an art whore, feed my addiction [: ill pay <3 I have so many avi options, just ask and I will gladly give you an assortment [; ) Also I might have links to some of the shops Ive purchased art from, feel free to ask [:

By Dagerot

By kitkit11183

by SimpIy Complicated

by Luxure de Sang


by dbsoau

by erika_heena(The only christmas gift I got on gaia <3)

by Lawless Zone

by Snaptastic

by Suran_Raina

by panicward (it was free<3 )

by njxRainyLobotomy

By Kurugi Arkadia

by NuSith

by Soozan

By brujah the thornybeauty

by Animeaiko1

by Late Night Insomnia

by AmandaxP

by Illitar

by Secara

by Popcorn Jellybeans

By Khenarthi Fadomai (freebie xgreenlanterx bumped for me for my bday <3 thanks bro )

By Mlarhh

-Screaming like your typing in capslocks-


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make jelly

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make jelly

aw thank you so very much! 4laugh you are very pretty whee
Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

User Image05-29-13

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Thanks for buying
Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

User Image 05-29-12

Report | 05/23/2012 3:04 pm


Thanks!!! I miss you!! (:
Metal TopHatBomb

Report | 04/07/2012 12:25 pm

Metal TopHatBomb

thanks for the pants heart
Crazy Bad Trip

Report | 04/05/2012 12:23 am

Crazy Bad Trip

You're welcome!
Remy LeBeau 1982

Report | 02/22/2012 3:52 pm

Remy LeBeau 1982

thanks for bumping my glow..by the way if you are hoarding ocean summer tops I will go ahead and send some your way it's all I get on the daily

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Thanks for buying. biggrin

Report | 12/22/2011 7:14 pm


Thanks for shopping, and awesome art work. biggrin You've got skills.


Hoarding Ocean summer tops. O; 25g each, send me a trade [;
*Where trouble melts like lemon drops, High above the chimney top that's where you'll find me.