Hi I'm Morse (on other parts of the web you may know me as lautir). I see you've stumble upon my profile, I'm so sorry. If you're actually here on purpose then sorry, not sorry.

This is an About Me I guess:
I like shooting zombies, rescuing princesses, catching Pokemon and pretending I'm in a girl band. And being an awesome bro:

Every now and then I draw stuff, write stories and then post it online to receive love from strangers. My DeviantART

And, then there is the core of my internet existence. Shadowlack.com. It's where I grew up online. It an RP site is a richly creative world that loves to foster creativity. You should come by for a visit.

My taste in music?
The internet is pretty amazing like that. We can share so much.

I also have a Twitter account where I like to post about funny life things (with a side of casual emotive outbursts).

I also hang out on Tumblr a fair bit, it's a pretty good representation of my pop-culture favs: Cellular Identity Crisis


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Misvicious Migdania

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Misvicious Migdania

gaia_nitemareleft Thank you so much for your patronage. Have a nice day gaia_nitemareright

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biggrin Thank you for buying! heart

Should you want anything else, I'm holding a Creative Writing Contest (Poetry) for Breast Cancer! Each submission receives a random gift and a tip, and the winner receives 350 million gaia gold, and item Ravenwood manor (worth billions)!

Please consider stopping by! ((:

arrow http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/writing-contests/breast-cancer-dedication-poems-350-million-to-the-winner/t.94465179/

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i will give you 600,000,000 G or trade you my Wings of the Cosmos for your Berserker Pilot 3nodding

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Thank you for purchasing
xXRed Moon VampiressXx

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xXRed Moon VampiressXx

Thanks again. I feel that I truly accomplished something and I am very excited.
xXRed Moon VampiressXx

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xXRed Moon VampiressXx

Thank you very much. Plus thanks to you I was able to get pretty close to my goal.

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I luv your avi and your profile page, two of some awesome things.
Retneprac The Cold

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Retneprac The Cold

Follow Me?
I followed you. :3


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Haha, thanks. ^_^

Now for 50k! (Not today of course. I haven't touched my homework. User Image)

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Ah, wise words. User Image

Maybe I can make 40k tonight. That would be awesome. Tomorrow would be for homework and more NaNo. [/talking to self]


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anon challenges:
Set my own goal: 5 wars of >300 words