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MARR: Big Burrly strong Loud. Somewhat agressave and slightly obnoxious and anoying.

This giant of a man stands seven feet tall and is not to shy about throughing his weight around. He is seldum further away from Zapher than in the next room or down the hall or stairs. Not the brightest of men he relies on his remarkable strength to get him through tough situations much to Zaphers dissmay. Marr acts as Zapher's confidant friend body gaurd and as the ocasion ofter arrises corps bearrer.

Unussual traits.: His body lacks muscluler degeneration. Or in laimens terms he never gets weaker only stronger.

Place of origion: Siren Mountians.

Favorate Wepoin: Anything he can get his hands on.

PHilosophys: If it annoys you, attacks you, or is in your way just hit it with something close by till it stops.

ZAPHER: Clever cunning sly quiet polite charming and above all calculating.

Zapher is much the opposite of Marr. This unusual man is the most dangerous type of spy. The kind who will kiss the hand of his target without hesitation. Together with his friend Marr the two are a well suted pair of mersonaries. Although he would prefer to avoid a battel he is a above average infultryman . His strongest reason for traviling with Marr is their balance of power and the way the huge man makes him seem unasuming and dasiel.

Unussual traits: Regenoration and repeating mortality. If he dies his body heals its self and he comes back to live.((No he is not a zomby or undead he is alive.))

Place of origion:The outer plains

Favorite wepion: Bow, knife, or long sword.

PHilosophys:Yes I will die for your cause. Just have my money when I get back on my feet.

Do not mistake courage for fearlessness, even though I will comeback I plane to avoid death when ever possable.


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Quillarin Report | 10/15/2013 12:02 am
cool avi
chibi-chan x Report | 08/17/2013 1:57 pm
T h a n k s f o r y o u r b u s i n e s s 3nodding
lady_alec_drakon Report | 09/12/2012 9:19 am
Thanks for buying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DarkWerewolfMaster13 Report | 11/02/2009 9:13 am
thanks... sorry about not responding earlier... net got canned...
magickmaker98 Report | 09/01/2009 12:55 am
XD Thanks! My sister did too....
squids 54c Report | 08/26/2009 12:41 pm
idk, i rarely hav time 2 get on gaia anymore, maybe once a week. i hav a frend that takes care of my account for me evryday
Dirk in a Box Report | 08/25/2009 11:07 pm
:'D Thank you!
xPhoLu Report | 08/25/2009 9:48 am
Hi there Morpheus!
Just dropping by to say hello.

~Dr. Who
kiwifish Report | 08/24/2009 3:02 pm
thanks ^^ nice avatar!!
wolfcubX Report | 08/23/2009 8:12 pm
your avi is also quite epic smile