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I was born, I live and I will die. There is not much more than that.

A thankyou to SasuNaru_Master, my greatest aide on our quest for Evolving Items.
current combined amount; 44


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tu_sabe_nada Report | 01/13/2014 1:41 pm
lol thank you redface
SasuNaru_Master Report | 11/22/2013 6:34 pm
I feel like this is a mid-shota-life crisis lol
The hearts and jumping food thing make me tear.
The power of the Volant is overwhelming.
Oh! New EI item already @@
Is it a rapid though?
SasuNaru_Master Report | 11/22/2013 4:58 pm
you scare me
Must be the hat xD
and don't call me that it got creepier!
lol you went all out. Didn't think you would lol
Oh and it evolved!
Excelscia Report | 09/26/2013 2:16 pm
I wanted to take the time to thank you for your marvelous and honest comment on my avy submission. "Blood Fairy." I appreciate the feedback very much. This was one of my favorite submissions. I actually didnt make the fairy very
"blood fairy" like on purpose for two reasons. One was because I wanted the background to stand out the most so I used her as a contrast. Second. I wanted her to look innocent in appearance and not dangerous. Otherwise who would want to follow her into the forest? biggrin that was the idea was that she seems so sweet and clean that anyone would follow her thinking nothing would happen. Until the forest ate them. hahaha. (evil laugh) Seriously though. This avy was the most fun out of all of them that I have put together. I really appreciate any and all feedback that I have gotten on it. especially yours because you took the time to tell me exactly how you felt about it. but, you were also kind about it too. thanks again! Have fun! 3nodding
ZasukeHakaiUltimateAngel Report | 09/23/2013 7:16 pm
thanks for your reply in avatar arena and yes i know i am better than all other sasuke cosplayer's because i pay attention to the hair and i've gotten several messages from other's from the arena that private messaged me saying i am the best sasuke cosplayer on gaia, Therefore i have accepted that title. so yeah did you see my other 2 sasuke avatar's i posted before this or no the ems looked the same it's the one i'm wearing now and i have a taka sasuke 2 and 2 other sasuke avatars.

User Image
EMS Sasuke
User Image
Itachi Uchiha
User Image
Taka Sasuke
User Image
Hebi Sasuke
User Image
Shippuden Sasuke

btw orinkage hurricane should only be used on the young sasuke's hair, ginga acceleration for shippuden,taka,hebi and ems sasuke's hair.
Beautrixxx Report | 09/08/2013 5:32 am
Congrats on being featured. cat_biggrin
Saphyre Supernova Report | 09/06/2013 11:24 am
Saphyre Supernova
Wow you really are a troll aren't you? I'm sure you never make mistakes ...
AwsomeAly44 Report | 09/06/2013 10:17 am
you are welcome and thank you as well
Chief Tyler34 Report | 09/05/2013 5:37 pm
Chief Tyler34
Your welcome 2 ton
Chief Tyler34 Report | 09/05/2013 5:09 pm
Chief Tyler34
Dig the avi

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